Desert and Desertification

Desert Provides Comfort and Habitat to Many Beautiful Flora and Fauna

Desert is not a hell of sand but a beautiful paradise for a wide and diverse floral and faunal biodiversity. Here, I share some pictures of the desert. I took these pictures in the different time period during my desert exploration walk. You can see different views of the desert in the pictures in the …

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Ticks hiding here somewhere

How to Chase the Camels’ Ticks?

Ticks are the blood-sucking insects and indirectly causing tick born diseases. The best way is to control through Biological means. They become very active in the night when there is dark and the weather is mild. I would like you also read the ethnoveterinary measures of the camel herders to control such troubleshooting.Ethnoveterinary treatments by …

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Camel is an Artist

Hi camel lovers, The people ask me, why the trees in the desert look so beautiful and straightly trimmed from the ground side? They really look very beautiful. Now see, how the camel makes it possible? This morning, I shot this picture when the camel was on its task making the tree beautiful. The camel …

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The Camel Milk Story from the Gobi Desert Mongolia

The Gobi desert of Mongolia is one of the harshest ecosystem on the earth. The nature had gifted the region with unique herbivores, the Bactrian camel. The Bactrian camel is highly adapted to the harshest climatic conditions and provides livelihood to the dwellers of the region. Not only good for people but also helps in spreading of the Saxaul flora in the desert, providing a unique ecosystem service. In this article you can read about the role of Bactrian camel in Mongolia, its importance in culture and heritage, livelihood, food security, breeding season, milk production potential and other important aspects.

The Camel Milk Story “Theme of the World Camel Day 2018”

Dear friends and colleagues, Greetings from the camels’ world. We, the camel activists celebrate world camel day since last few years. Different groups of the people celebrate this day it in the different parts of the world in different ways. The idea behind celebrating world camel day is to aware the public and the policymakers regarding …

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