Camelus Bactrianu (Bactrian camel)

The 2 humped camels inhibited in the cold deserts of the world, the most famous Gobi desert.

The Camel Milk Story from the Gobi Desert Mongolia

Gobi is a heaven on the earth. The Gobi desert is stretched from Mongolia to Chinese Mongolia. The desert is home to the very beautiful Bactrian camel. In the link provided, you can see very fascinating pictures from the Gobi desert. The author visited the Bactrian camel of the region and made this report.

Camel is Intelligent and Loyal~ An Eye Opening Story

A loyal camel walked more than a 100 kilometers to reach back to previous owner. See how intelligent the camel is? A story from the Inner Mongolia. A worth to read story. The camel sacrified her health and faced a lot of troubles while walking in lonliness and desert. All the body was injured and the camel became so weak. The Bactrian camel consumed her 2 humps during walking.

The beautiful Bactrain camels in Inner Mongolia

The King of the Gobi – Wild Camel Needs your Support for Conservation

WCPF urgently needs funds for the establishment of a second wild camel breeding centre as the breeding centre at Zakhyn Us in Mongolia has reached its capacity of 30 wild camels. It was started in 2004 with just eight wild camels and now has 35 even though 8 have been released into their natural habitat. In addition, 5 new wild camel calves were born this year and all are thriving.

Author riding a Bactrian camel in Gobi Mongolia

Why Bactrian Camel has two Humps and Arabian has one?

The Hump is actually a gift of nature to the camels to adapt and survive in the hardiest and challenging ecosystems. The humps provide energy and water when there is no vegetation for food. As the Bactrian camels live in the ecosystem which has prolonged dry and prolonged cold weathers, they need double treasure of fats to cope such challenging weathers.

The Camel Milk Story from the Gobi Desert Mongolia

The Gobi desert of Mongolia is one of the harshest ecosystem on the earth. The nature had gifted the region with unique herbivores, the Bactrian camel. The Bactrian camel is highly adapted to the harshest climatic conditions and provides livelihood to the dwellers of the region. Not only good for people but also helps in spreading of the Saxaul flora in the desert, providing a unique ecosystem service. In this article you can read about the role of Bactrian camel in Mongolia, its importance in culture and heritage, livelihood, food security, breeding season, milk production potential and other important aspects.

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