22 June World Camel Day

The world celebrate world camel day each year on 22 June.

Milking a Camel is a fun

Camel Milk Business – The Global Camel Milk Companies

The global camel milk business is worth > 11 billion US dollars annually. About 70% of camel milk is consumed by camel owners and never reaches the market but some companies (farmers, cooperatives, and corporate) process and market the camel milk. Because of the availability of camel milk in the market, the consumption of camel milk is increasing and there is an ever-increasing demand for it, mainly because of health reasons and sustainability of the farming system.

Why a World Camel Day?

We celebrate world camel day each year on 22nd June to highlight the importance of incredible camel and aware/educate the masses about the role of the camel in food security, climate change adaptation, culture and ecosystem management. Each year, this day is being celebrated in many parts of the world and the interest is increasing with the passing of each camel day.

Working donkey in Uganda

First Donkey Twitter Space in History – World Donkey Day 8 May 2022

The donkey consumes the woody vegetation of bushes, shrubs and trees. They can consume and digest the dried and fallen parts of the flora in dry season with the help of the strong and diverse gut microbiome. This specialized microbiome along with the nutrients rich manure make a way to transfer to the soil through manure and helps in the enrichment of the soil and sustain the life of the soil microbiome. The soil microbiome provides nutrients to the rhizosphere of the plants and give them the power to sustain and tolerate the droughts and high temperatures. This way, we have the rich and fertile soil today. Though all herbivores play the important ecological role in ecosystem management but donkey is topping all.

Dr. Maria Chilka with camel

اليوم العالمي للإبل

الجمل هدية من الطبيعة، وهب لمن يعانون من الجفاف على كوكب الأرض.و مع ظهور تغيرات المناخ الطبيعي منذ آلاف السنين, قرر البشر ترويض هذا الحيوان الذي يمكنه التعامل مع النظم البيئية القاسية والصعبة. عمل الانسان بشكل حكيم وجيد للغاية واختاروا الجمل لهذه المهمة.  وقد كانت المهمة الرئيسية الموكلة إلى الإبل هي توفير الغذاء في ظروف …

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