The Precious Heritage of the People’s Science is Going to Extinction

The wisdome and experience comes with the time and efforts. The traditional knowledge is the outcome of a long time experience and the solutions people found during the challenges. It is still precious and useful. I call it the people's science.


The Best Option for Sustainable Food Production in Challenging Environment ~is the Promising Camel

Happy Camel's Day (WCD) Among the camel's world, the subcontinent is the region where the day starts first. It is 22nd June in the subcontinent, so I can safely say Happy Camel's Day. At the occasion of WCD, I started the series of articles based on the documents/material sent from different corners of the world. As my…


Camel! A One in All Creatures

One can imagine, how distinctive and special can be the gift of God. The Bedouin gives name Ata Allah (gift of God), hence considered as precious and matchless. Nevertheless, of its products, camels' physiology, and behavior is specially designed to survive in harsh conditions of its habitat and sustain the livelihood of its keepers in climate change…

Looking at Plants Alter the Negative Phisological Phenomena

It is proved scientifically that looking at the plants can alter the negative phenomenon in the body. An article in the Clinical Medicine Journal of the Royal College of Physicians, written by Sir Richard Thompson, highlighted the increasing evidence that plants, green spaces, and gardening benefit mental and physical health. The author referred to a…

BREAKING NEWS; A US Based Research Trial Proved the Camel Milk as Toxin Flush

I have been claiming a hypothesis that the camel milk cleans our body, especially the liver and kidneys from the toxins which we take in food or inhale with the air on regular basis. https://camel4milk.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/taking-camel-milk-is-a-way-to-flush-your-body-clean-of-toxins-while-making-you-strong-and-shining/amp/. I also wrote in a bulleted article for general readers about the different health benefits of the camel milk including…

It’s in their genes: Saudi study seeks to analyse how camels cope with extreme temperatures

“When you keep the camels in farms, they eat from very narrow diversity of food, they are prone to mineral, vitamin and other nutrient deficiencies which we don’t understand,” said Dr Kakar, who in 2015 set up an organisation, Camel4Life, to promote the use of camels by the world’s poorer communities. “We don’t really know…

Love in Hills, A Nomad’s Family Story by Michael Asher

There had been drought and famine that year and many nomads had left the hills to seek refuge in the city. We had been travelling through a sandstorm for two days and as it began to blow itself out, we saw spectral figures emerging from the dust. They were a nomad family on the move…

Calotropis Plant, a Desert Beauty and a Future Hope

Each flora and fauna on the earth is precious, only our understanding needs to be deepenS and widens about such genetic biodiversity. I collect some knowledge from my desert exploration walk and happy to share with the reader. Here is a photostory about the Calotropis plant from Alain, UAE.

The Photostory of a Years Old Camel Died of Eating Rubish in the Desert

I shall share with you the photostory of a dead camel in the desert years before. It is a case study for camel practitioners and farmers. It will tell you how the plastic converts into bodies like stones and block the chyme movement in the gut.

Enjoy Desert Exploration with Me

I strongly beleive in the desert's ecotheraphy. If you have burden of work and challenges in the life then please straightly go to the desert and talk to the creatures over there. See and observe how the deseart living organisms survive and how they face the challenges of life with patience. I'm sure that we can better learn from the nature. Understanding the philosopy of calmness will give you a great health and satisfaction.

What I Learned from the Desert and the Nomads?

The desert nomads knew this, which is why their culture had survived for millennia by adapting to the desert rather than attempting to dominate it. From the beginning I realized I must learn what they had to teach, and to do things their way: to achieve this meant seeing the desert through their eyes.

How the Camel Milk Protect us from Infectious Diseases?

Camel milk is a real hero, attracting thousands of people in very different parts of the world. it contains a higher quantity of noble elements (lactoferrin, Vitamin C, Zn, Insulin-like protein, and calcium, etc.) Vitamin C is well known for its anti-infectious qualities and usually found in citrus fruits. As citrus are rarely available in deserted ecosystems, nature gifted these precious ingredients in the form of camel milk.


I'm a deep ethnoecologist, ethnobotanist, and desert explorer. I have learned the knowledge from nature and the people. I would love to share my understanding of the trees with the people. I love trees and nature and spend time with nature to heal my soul. Here are the 75 goodnesses of the trees in the…