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 Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar

Low Carbon Livestock Expert, Camelist & Ethnoecologist

 Founder of, 
  • World Camel Day
  • World Donkey Day


My connection with the camel

25+ Years of Experience in
Low Carbon Livestock Production

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My Vision
The community livestock agriculture (farming) guarantees food security in the climate change scenario. A Symbiotic relationship between natural resources, farming communities, and the consumers can engineer a dome of sustainable agriculture, making societies stronger and resilient.
My Mission
The world of animal agriculture is based on native livestock breeds, keeping in the natural environment, and production in a sustainable manner. I dream of a world where all the livestock has the right to graze and serves as a viable part of the ecosystem. I have the mission to bring more people into agriculture and livestock farming. I do my efforts to convert caging back into farming.

Why do camels eat cardboard?

The Power of Fiber Digestibility in Camels

The camel hardly avoids eating anything. Very few plants like Calitropis are avoided by camels as they are very poisonous. I have noticed camels eating paper cartons and cardboard. Some camels have metabolic problems (Pica) from eating rubbish including plastics. They have severe salts and and mineral hunger. I have found…

Does Camel Urine have “THERAPEUTIC VALUE”?

Camel4Life International Group

The camel4life international is a group of camelists (scientists, academics, farmers, activists, businessmen, student, farmers, etc) advocating camel aspects, especially the milk. We are a major think tank of…

Reminding the Role of Poor Creature Donkey

The donkey is very special creature and the most efficient biological work machine. This great creature is still playing pivotal role in the rural economy and urban goods transport in many parts of the world. There is a wide genetic diversity, hence having different levels of potential of work, hardiness and adaptability to the calamities…

The History & Story of World Donkey Day (9 May)

Dr. Raziq initiated WDD in 2010 in Quetta Pakistan. Peta Jones from South Africa supported the idea. We had been organizing seminars and workshops on this special day about donkeys and many people had been participating. With the revolution in social media and the boost of my website https://arkbiodiv.com/, this day got very warm attention from all over the world. In 2018, this day reached another level. Now, this day is being celebrated in…

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