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Mostly written and discussed about the large or old world camelids, i.e. Arabian and Bactrian camels.

Author with a beautiful KHAWARAH Naqa in Derbat Salalah Oman.

The Camel Dairy Queen – Khawar breed of Salalah Oman

Synonyms: Khawarah and Dhofari camel breed Habitat of the Breed – Land of Frankense is the Land of Khawarah The Khawar or Khawarah breed of the camel is found in the Southeastern Arabian Peninsula but the herds of true specimen breed are found in the Dhofar region, especially Salalah. The nucleus herds of the breed …

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The Author Love the Camel

Quick Facts about Camels’ Domestication History

Domestication of Old World Camels The Arabian camel has domesticated 3 to 5 thousands year before and the main driver for domestication was it milk. The camel was domesticated a bit later than other animals so its name appeared late in the register of domesticated animals. The one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius) is found in all …

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The Gel-like Urine of Camels

The camels extract more water from the urine, camels’ urine becomes a very thick and gel-like solution. When they urinate, the sticky urine adheres with the skin and shows blackish paint. Do you have enough knowledge about the amazing camels? Therefore, in Quraan, it is said ‘DO THEY NOT LOOK AT THE CAMELS, HOW STRANGE THEY ARE CREATED?’

The Golden Beauty of Camel

Camels are beautiful and very much resemble to their habitat like other animals. The golden red sand of the Alain gives a very special shade to the Arabian camels. To see the stunning beauty, go to the link below. Please like, share and comment our page, camel4all. Also, support our cause with some suggestions for …

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