Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar

Low Carbon Livestock Expert, Camelist & Ethnoecologist

25+ years of Experience

Founder of,
  • World Camel Day

  • World donkey Day


Doctorate in animal science, with a special emphasis on dromedary as a potential dairy animal, I have almost 22 years of practical experience with camels in one or another way. I’m a camel dairy professional, both by training and experience. Since 2014, I’m solely working with a camel dairying entity (Alain Farms for Livestock Production) which is the world’s first commercial camel dairy, Alain Abu Dhabi UAE. In my philosophy, the camel is a magical biological model coping with the warming planet scenario while producing health-promising milk and meat in challenging circumstances. I have documented the dairy traits of;
  • Camel,
  • Breeding Goals,
  • Nutritional Requirements,
  • Calf Rearing,
  • Camel Housing,
  • Future Planning,
  • Camel Milk Products Development & Marketing, 
  • Profitable Camel,
  • Farm Management
              I provide consultancies at the global level for the establishment and development of profitable as well as sustainable camel dairies. I have successfully completed 6 consultancies on different aspects of camels, especially the dairying aspects and development of milk products for international markets. I have an influential and leading role in advocating camel issues, especially advocating & promoting camel milk at the global level with a team of camelists from all quarters of the world under the umbrella of CAMEL4LIFE INTERNATIONAL. 
                                         I’m well known for my experience in livestock ecosystem rehabilitation to revitalize depleted ecosystems because of any reason. I have acquired precious modern and traditional knowledge of sustainable livestock production. My knowledge and experience enabled me to provide simple solutions to complex problems. A strong affiliation with nature and belief in climate change adaptation & sustainability theories excels me from other fellow scientists.
         I have documented “Traditional/Native Livestock Breeds from the Perspectives of the Relevant Livestock Keepers in Balochistan” and Page 1 of 5 “ROLE OF CAMEL IN THE PASTORAL ECONOMY OF MARRI TRIBE IN BALOCHISTAN, PAKISTAN”  Large Scale Geographic Mitochondrial DNA analysis provide insights on the demographic and evolutionary history of the dromedary (camelus dromedarious) adjoining areas under the drynet international project.            


Under my Ph.D. research project, I characterized, documented, and reported 3 breeds of camel (Kohi, Pahwal, and Raigi) and highlighted their role in livelihood earning under the challenging climate challenges.     
Author riding a Bactrian camel in Gobi Mongolia
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