Ice cream species of plants for camels

The florescence of Brassica tournefortii

Brassica tournefortii, the desert Mustard

Brassica tournefortii has yellow flowers but is not shiny as other mustard plants. It is a spreading annual herb with long stems up to 100 centimeters (40 inches) in length. The flora is highly adapted and sprouts after a shower of rain. The yellow flowers are an attraction for pollinators, whisps, bees, birds, and other animals. It provides food for camels and other livestock in the desert. It is also edible for humans.

Beautiful yellow flower of Crotalaria aegyptiaca in the desert. Yellow flower is a great attraction for birds, insects, pollinators in the desert

Crotalaria aegyptiaca – highly adapted desert flora with beautiful yellow flowers

I have been working, documenting the desert/drylands flora which is highly liked by the camels. I have named such flora as the Icecream species for the camels. I have been working on the characterization, documentation, and reporting of such flora for the last 2 decades. I have documented such flora from Balochistan, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. You can reach a series of articles, covering this area under the category of Camel Icecream Plant Species. Here are the links to the category of the articles under the subject cited above.

The Salsola imbricata has small but beautiful white flowers

Salsola imbricata – An icecream flora for camels

Salsola imbricata is a camel icecream species of plants Modern botanical name: Caroxylon imbricatum Common name Salso also as Saltwort  The previous and common botanical name is Salsola imbricata The flora is Halophytic in nature, commonly found on salty lands in arid ecosystems. The plant is a rich source of salts and a precious source …

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Camel, Desert and the Umbrella Tree

The camels, umbrella tree (Acacia tortillas) go hand in hand in the desert. Umbrella tree is one of the most strong and resilient fauna of the extremely dry lands and desert, therefore is acting like a hope for camels during the hot weathers in the sandy deserts. The camels are such a beautiful creatures, especially …

Camel, Desert and the Umbrella Tree Read More »

The Camels Love the Water

Camels can survive and perform without water for 2 weeks but if they find water they love it. When I was shooting the pictures, the temperature was 45.5 Celsius that time but they were absorbing the sharp sunshine while enjoying the water. They especially love water when it is gushing from a broken water supply …

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