How the Camel Milk Protect us from Infectious Diseases?

The Camel Milk which I abbreviate as CaM is the gift of nature and gold of the desert. It comes from the nature’s unique creature, highly adapted and incredibly sustainable ~ the camel. The camel milk (CM) is miraculously proving as a superfood and natural pharmacy. Because of the appreciable level and a unique combination of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, protein, and fatty acids, etc.), CM has medicinal properties covering a wide range of ailments. Such ailments are wide in range and comprising of autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, rashes, diabetes, liver disorders, rheumatism, inflammatory conditions, piles, urethral irritation, infectious diseases, stress/depression, peptic ulcers, and even cancer.

Camel milk is a real hero, attracting thousands of people in very different parts of the world. it contains a higher quantity of noble elements (lactoferrin, Vitamin C, Zn, Insulin-like protein, and calcium, etc.)  Vitamin C is well known for its anti-infectious qualities and usually found in citrus fruits. As citrus are rarely available in deserted ecosystems, nature gifted these precious ingredients in the form of camel milk.

Recently, a review article has been published, uncovering the role of super molecule ‘Lactoferrin’ in the CaM. One of the most important and effective molecules in the camel milk is Lactoferrin which safeguard our body from the infections. I hereby share you the link of that paper.

I try always to share the incredible health benefits of the CaM so that the people come on the natural resources, making us healthier and stronger. I would be very happy if you can comment, suggest or add something to further polish the knowledge about the CaM.

Why the Camel Milk is Anti-Infectious or Immunity Booster?

Camel is very unique and special creature, blessed with very unique charecteristics. As the camel is unique and incredible, the same are the products of camel, especially the camel milk. Traditionally, camel milk had been using for the cure of complex ailments in the long periods of the history. Now, the different scientific studies are being conducted and many are underway to explore the magic powers of camel milk and to find the molecules in camel milk which materializing the healing of different diseases.

I hereby give some exemples of the precious molecules found in the camel milk which are incredibly work for the curing of the complex health ailments. One of the best example is the immunoglobulins. The immunoglobulins of the camel milk combat autoimmune diseases by strengthen the immune system, and can fight some bacteria like tuberculosis and protect the body from bacterial and viral infections.

Camel milk contains various protective proteins and enzymes which have antibacterial and immunological properties that strengthens the antibacterial & antiviral activities. Camel milk can enhance the cellular immune responses and inhibits the replication of virus’ DNA and recovers chronic, such phenomenon support in healing of hepatitis B.

The most important in the present scenario of immunity crisis is the lactoferrin. Lactoferrin of camel milk proved to be more potent (anti-viral) than human and cow’ milk. Also the antibodies of the camel milk are selective controller to virus systems; camel milk lactoferrin inhibits the entry of the virus into the cells and saving its consumers from the viral diseases.

Camel Milk is a Food which Boosts your Immune System

Immune system is the first defense line

A strong defense mechanism of the body (immune system) is one of the vital pillars of our health. Our defense mechanism is altered and harmed in our daily life because of many reasons.

We can revitalize our immune system

Fortunately, we can revitalize and energize our immune or defense system by some good steps if taken properly and timely. Among those steps, the most important is the food. A special food like camel milk, which could be rich with certain nutrients, helps in boosting our defense system. The second is the good exercise, followed by good sleep and turning off the stress machine of the body. But in this article, we shall discuss the special food role in boosting our defense line against the infections. The camel milk is the most important among the super foods so far known and available.

How the camel milk helps in immune system empowering?

In the ensuing lines, I shall thematically explain how the camel milk can help in strengthening of our immune system? How it really works and which ingredients make the camel milk a super food.

  1. Camel milk makes immune system stronger as it contains series of protective proteins such as lysozyme, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, immunoglobulin G, and immunoglobulin A.
  2. Camel milk is ant-inflammatory, decreasing stress of the diseases like diabetes and recover the losses happen from the inflammation to the organs and immune system
  3. Camel milk is fortified with a special quantity and composition of micro-minerals which provide a fine acid-base balance in the body, revitalizing our body and minimizing the surge of stress releasing hormones
  4. Camel milk provide calmness because of its very positive impact on our overall hormonal system which trigger our sleep, resulting in a very good and deep sleep. The deep sleep is another key of immune boosting strategy
  5. The nutrients’ richness of the camel milk helps in revitalizing our bodies, giving special stamina for a longer and better exercise. The author is on continuous consumption of camel milk and run above 10 km/day on regular basis at the age of 51 years
  6. Camel milk is free of allergen proteins and intolerant lactose, good and suitable for all family. All groups of age and physiological statuses can consume camel milk without any hesitation.


As a camel scientist, regular consumer of camel milk and a disease recovered person (with the camel milk), I would strongly recommend to use camel milk as a vital food in your daily routine. It will give you special vitality, health and energy. I must say, the camel milk will work surprisingly very good if you do some body exertions like work out, cycling, jogging and other physical activities.

Camel milk saved million of people from hunger in the challengin environments and now it can save millions from the contageous infections like COVID 19.

Dr. Raziq

The Desert Ecotherapy

The deserts are not only beautiful but a place where you can enjoy the vast horizons and the fragrance of the deserts’ flora. The desert after the rains convert into an echoing green sands, rich with diversity of flora and fauna. The whole picture makes the scene very attractive, which works as an ECOTHERAPY.

I hereby share some glimpses from the desert. I’m sure, it will work as a healing agent for your health and thoughts. Lets, enjoy the glimpses and please come with your suggestions and thoughts.

The beautiful red sandy desert of the Alain is unique and special of its kind. I have named the desert as living desert. I hope, you will enjoy and share my articles on your social media pages.

Each side you focus in the desert, the beauty is there. You not need to chose place and things for photography. You just on your camera and start shooting the glimpses.

You can see different kinds of life in the desert. You can find wasp, ants, lizards and different types of plants. The mix of the sunshine, dusk, rays, flowers, camels and others make is a scene of paradise.

Some plants are very specialized and crafted very unique by the nature. Such plants know how to survive in the harsh and hostile ecosystems. They are beautiful and useful as well.

Camel is one of the unique gift of the nature, landed in the desert. Loving camel is engineered in my DNA. I do not know, what the nature has really planned for me and the camel.

The main question is still there, how to harvest the potential of the desert sustainable and humanly. The bush fire, climate change and the planet warming has created serious questions in the minds of the people who really concern.

Let we think the nature as our mother and as our breath

Dipterygium glaucum الصفروی, A Plant that is Liked such as Icecream by the Camels and Goats. Part 4

Camel had learned strategy of survival

The camels are highly adapted to the harsh and hostile climates of the sphere. The 3 important adaptation strategies are the tools in such climates as;

  • Depending on food based on plants which are hardy, dry, and bitter/salty (usually avoid by other livestock
  • Long walking ability to reach the places where food is available
  • Body physiology to cope with the burning temperature with the scarcity of water.

Series of Camel ice-cream plants species is continuous process, the outcome of desert walks

Being an ethnoecologist and ethnobotanist, I have started characterization, documentation, and reporting about the plants’ species which are liked as ice cream by the camels. You can read about the series as 1, 2, 3 in the links below.


This Article is About Dipterygium glaucum الصفروی

This plant is also liked by camels very much. The plant has rich nutritional value as well as used as a herbal source of medicine. The camel loves the plant especially when it is in flowering and seeding stages. I think they like it in these stages because of the aroma and the high protein contents of flowers and seeds respectively. The plants are very strong, powerful to resist the winds of the desert. The multiple branches make it stronger and a source of protection for different insects and reptiles.

I have explored the camel desirability towards this plant during my desert exploration walks. Some ethnoveterinary suggest this plant in the flowering stage as a good source of revitalizing camel body. When the seed is matured, the camel-like it even more.

Ethnoherbal Role of the Plant

The tiny flowers of the plants work as a strong laxative agent. The stalk with flowers is a source of flashing the digestive system of the livestock as well as a human being. It is also given to camels suffering weakness. and a lower desire for food.

The Plant is a Heaven for Bees and other Fauna

The plant has very attractive flowers with yellow color and a strong smell, making it very attractive for wasps, bees, and other insects. With the multiple branches and dense cover, it is an attraction for the reptiles so they can hide and feel safe.

The Desert Precious Biodiversity is Depleting

Unfortunately, many precious desert plants including this one, are depleting, because for many reasons. This plant really needs to be well studied, documented, and identify the status and the risk factors. Such plants can ensure sustainable camel and other livestock production in the desert ecosystem.

Read something more about the plant in the link below.