Adaptation is a qualitative trait of all living thing. They adapt with the native habitat during the evolotion period. The best trait to combat the consequences of climate change.

Zygophyllum qatarense, locally known as Harram

A Desert Adapted Bush Tetraena qatarensis synonym Zygophyllum qatarense, commonly known as Harm or Hadidi

Zygophyllum qataranse حرم, a highly adapted bush of the desert. You will see this plant green all round the year if there is rain or not. The camels fulfill its salts and water requirements from this shrub.

Olive forest in Zhob Balochistan

The Living Fossils of Olive Forest in Suleiman Mountainous Region of Pakistan – A Wildfire Engulfed our Precious Flora

It is an olive tree, centuries-old, witnessing a long history. Maybe millions of people, animals, and small creatures have lived and survived on it. Such trees act as mountains of Carbon. We should save such treasure of humanity. ♥️ I call such trees the living fossils.

Kohi mean mountainous - Kohi camel of Suleiman mountains of Balochistan

White Kohi (mountainous) camel of Suleiman mountain. It is very special breed of camels, highly adapted to hilly areas.

Camel is a real nature based solution for food security in in the arid regions of the world

Camel – Pivotal in the Rural Economy of Balochistan

The Cameldome – Vast and Wide Balochistan Camel Genetic Resource (CGR) is still very important player in the rural economy of Balochistan. Whenever, the name of Balochistan come in my mind, the next name is camel. I have travelled to the long and wide regions of the county and found that there is a wide …

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