Author name: Dr Raziq Kakar

I’m Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar, Ph.D. in Animal Agriculture, currently working as a Technical Manager at Al Ain Farms for Livestock Production, Camel Dairying (R&D), Alain, UAE. I have performed as a Professor and Dean, at the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences Pakistan (LUAWMS). My thematic area covers ‘turning camel from a beast of burden to a sustainable farm animal’, agricultural research policies, extensive livestock production systems, desert ecosystems, food security under climate change context, and sustainable use of traditional genetic resources for food and agriculture. I'am advocating camel under the theme of CAMEL4LIFE and believe in camel potential. Camel4life is a camel think tank with a website and WhatsApp group, advocating camel at the policy level. I'm the founder of World Camel Day and the Camel Association of Pakistan. I also work as a freelance scientist covering the above-mentioned thematic areas. I'm also doing camel dairying consultancies. I’m an ethnoecologist, ethnobotanist, Ethnovet, and ethnomedicine researcher and reviewer. I explore deserts and grazing lands for knowledge and understanding.

Beautiful flora of Linaria haelava. Courtesy to Dave Alpin

Linaria haelava

Linaria haelava occurs in a range of colors including purple, yellow and white. These attractive flowers are easily missed in the field because their plants can be as short as 5cm high. These desert ephemerals germinate soon after rainfall, and accelerate to flowering, before producing seeds and dying. The desert flora completes its lifecycle in …

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The blossom of the Yellow Bell tree (Tecomella undulata)

Tecomella undulata (الفرفار) – The love of the Sunbird

The Sunbird love the flowers of the Yellow Bell tree and eat the nectar. Here is a very amazing video.

The camels also need quality time. The camels have personality, feelings and beautiful soul

High-yielding camels need a higher level of energy in feed

Keeping the animals (especially the camels) stress-free and happy is actually keeping the camels healthy. Better to void stressful treatment with antibiotics and shifting such high-yielding camels to energy-rich feeding mechanisms really helps. The local herbs (flora) really help and provide unknown health-promising nutrients.

Tephrosia nubica

Tephrosia nubica – Native flora of UAE

Tephrosia nubica is a leguminous flora found in different drylands regions of Asia and Africa.

Ochradenus aucheri, mother of flowers

Ochradenus Aucheri (قضب) – The mother of bees

I found Ochradenus aucheri in the Hijr mountainous region, Masafi area, Fujairah United Arab Emirates during my biodiversity exploration work in April 2023.

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