Author name: Dr Raziq Kakar

I’m Ph.D. in Animal Agriculture, currently working as a Technical Manager at Al Ain Farms for Livestock Production, Camel dairying, Alain, UAE. I have performed as a Professor and Dean, at the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences Pakistan (LUAWMS). I work on and write for the subjects of ‘turning camel from a beast of burden to a sustainable farm animal’, agricultural research policies, extensive livestock production systems, desert ecosystems, food security under climate change context, and sustainable use of traditional genetic resources for food and agriculture. Iim advocating camel under the theme of CAMEL4LIFE and believe in camel potential. Camel4life is a camel think tank with a website and WhatsApp group, advocating camel at the policy level. I’m the founder and head of the Society of Animal, Veterinary, and Animal Scientists (SAVES), and the Founder of the Camel Association of Pakistan. I also work as a freelance scientist working on the above-mentioned thematic areas. I'm currently a member of the steering committee for Desert Net International (DNI). I'm also doing camel dairying consultancies. I’m an ethnoecologist, ethnobotanist, Ethnovet and ethomedicie researcher and reviewer. I explore deserts and grazing lands for knowledge and understanding.

Calitropis is an attraction

There is no better place for ecotherapy than a desert

A nature lover by birth I’m born like that, I love nature, especially the desert ecosystem and camels. I take therapy from nature. I’m a true believer in nature. The far and wide horizons of the desert provide an opportunity to take long deep breaths and refresh your memories and thoughts. On each side you …

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Beuragh Sheep Breed

World Soil Day – Grazing role in soil fertility

Each year soil day is celebrated globally to aware the masses about the importance of soil health. As I have been writing on healthy ecosystems, grazing, and biodiversity under the climate change scenario, I’m going to share a few of my relevant articles which are very helpful to understand the importance of soil and soil …

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Saumal – Mare’s Milk from Kazakhstan

Mare is a female horse, having two teets, producing very precious milk. The Mares’ milk is very white in color, watery in nature, and sweeter in taste. Composition and Wellness Power of Mare Milk (MM) It has been revealed that horse milk was used around 3500 years BC in present-day Kazakhstan. The MM is traditionally …

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Bactrian camel wool types

Bactrian Camel Wool Production

Global Camel Wool Production The annual wool production from the camel is around 60,000 thousand tons (only the wool of Bactrian camel is recorded), and approximately 17 % (3000 tons) comes from the first fleece (baby camel wool) that is ready at the age of 1.5 to 2 years of age (with a max percentage …

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Mysterious disease in the Zygophyllum in the desert

A mysterious disease is killing hundreds of Zygophyllum flora in the desert

Zygophyllum qatarense synonym Tetraena qatarensis (Haram in Arabic) is important flora of the desert ecosystem Tetraena (Zygophullum) is one the of most important flora in the desert, especially in the United Arab Emirates. It is not only food (leaves and twigs for livestock and wild animals), but also life support to the birds and insects. …

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