Ticks hiding here somewhere

How to Chase the Camels’ Ticks?

Ticks are the blood-sucking insects and indirectly causing tick born diseases. The best way is to control through Biological means. They become very active in the night when there is dark and the weather is mild. I would like you also read the ethnoveterinary measures of the camel herders to control such troubleshooting.Ethnoveterinary treatments by dromedary camel herders in the Suleiman Mountainous Region in Pakistan: an observation and questionnaire study

Sometimes, you cannot see on the camels’ body in the daytime. You even do not notice if there are ticks near or on the camels. Here, I share some pictures (the steps and ticks’ pictures) which will help you in understanding.

Beautiful walkway of the ticks
The sign of footsteps of the ticks on the sand.

The best way is to control biologically;

  • The chickens if not provided other feed, they better eat the ticks.
  • All partridges, especially Guinea fowl also a good eater of the ticks.
  • Some wood oil application on the camels’ body
  • Some trees, like Loghone, is very good
  • Removing the unwanted waste material especially wood, hay, empty bags will also help in control.
Ticks hiding here somewhere
The ticks walkway in the sand
The Guinea Fowl
Guinea fowl with the beautiful chicks
Ticks hiding under the sand
The ticks hiding under the sand cake were chased out because of their footsteps.
The ticks sanctuary
The ticks are smart and hid somewhere under the shady place in the daytime.

3 thoughts on “How to Chase the Camels’ Ticks?”

  1. Prof. Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar
    International Consultant on Camel Milk Production (food security under challenging environment)
    The best control is Guinea Fowl. I searched out many references but the best is still Guinea fowl. Also, the chicken is good but the condition to keep them without food.
    anas adnane
    Dr. Vétérinaire
    Good Article, can we find an insect who eat or kill ticks, without disturbance of camels.
    Prof. Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar
    I really have no idea but I’m sure there must be. We must search.
    Dr. Adnane
    Yes, because if an insect can kill or exclude ticks, I think that will be more effective than chicken. As you know, the insect has a good ability of breeding, so, I think we will get a good result if we find an insect.
    Prof. Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar
    I’m searching through google but not found any clue. No example at all.
    Dr. Adnane
    In nature, many bacteria, fungi, spiders, ants, beetles, rodents, birds, and other living things contribute significantly toward limiting tick populations.
    Extract from the article: Pathogens and predators of ticks and their potential in biological control.
    Adnan, here is the link of that article.

  2. Comments I received with the link of the article from the facebook.

    Lilianne Donders
    We have for the first time in 9 years a huge tick problem. My chickens are not coming close enough to the camels. Guinea fowls are too naughty they will escape to the neighbors when not in their own area.

    Jo Paul Feed the Sulphur

    Lilianne Donders
    How do you feed sulfur? You feed the camels or the ticks. And will that not give again selenium problems. Finally, my camels’ blood shows that Selenium has normal levels. This took 3 months. And still, have 2 camels with the muscle problem and one with a hole in the stump. It is healing, but so slow.
    Jo Paul
    It Helps with the uptake of Selenium. you can put it out at lib/help them self.

    Lilianne Donders Jo Paul but how do you give it in a block or as a powder?
    Also, Sulphur in drinking water inhibited the uptake of selenium and that cost us 5 calves

    Raziq Ark Biodiversity To camel?

    Jo Paul Lilianne Donders Dry Powder. must keep dry, there is an organic one as well. put in feed or in a Tub/bin and they self Medicate
    Lilianne Donders Raziq Ark Biodiversity well it seems that Jo Paul does that, but it is very dangerous after we had all these deficiency problems of Selenium in Dubai and here in Oman got overdosed by the normal food sources. So I wonder what he meant. Perhaps on the floor? To overdose the ticks?

    Jo Paul Lilianne Donders did you give Animal grade Yellow Sulfur?

    Raziq Ark Biodiversity Lilianne Donders I think he is talking about the dusting of yellow Sulfur. It is effective yes. Some people mix a certain level in other pesticides and spray on animals. Feeding pure sulfur is a very dangerous practice and even fatal.

    Jo Paul Yes Yellow Dusting Sulfur, very good for Lice/ three-day sickness

    Raziq Ark Biodiversity Jo Paul thanks for responding

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