Our Camels’ Enjoy Desert’s Environment at the Farm

Our camels’ houses are as clean as the desert to provide a comfortable environment for the milking camels and harvest quality milk. We provide a neat and clean environment for our camels. We replace old sand with a fresh one. We clean/filter the bedding sand every day with the beach cleaning machine. The machine filter the sand, collect the manure balls and keep the house very clean. We provide very spacy housing to our camels, so they remain relaxed and happy to provide healthy milk. Their calves/good remain with their moms for the whole milking period. We weaned the calves at the age of 8 months. We provide full opportunity to the calves to stay with their moms and enjoy moms’ company and love.

Beach cleaning machine is cleaning a camel house in the Alain, UAE

Buy a Camel and Enrich Your Health With the Milk

Camel as a family dairy companion

I have been advocating the camel as a family dairy companion. I have authored this terminology, camel for milk and keeping her as a family member and companion animal. The camel is very easy to keep and maintain because of many reasons; i.e. eating and drinking less, efficient in converting food/water into milk, very short list of diseases, very close to nature, provide natural pharmacy (milk), manure for the kitchen gardening, and providing playtime to your kids.

My idea is coming into practice

Manikandan Pandian, 39, is an engineer by training and a manufacturer of machines. He has an export business, with offices in Delhi and Chennai. Two km from the airport in Coimbatore, Pandian also has a small farm. When, five years ago, he discovered that camel milk might help control his diabetes, he began to get a regular supply from Rajasthan. Unhappy with not getting it fresh, he has now bought four camels and housed them at his Coimbatore farm. The animals serve as playmates to his two children.https://www.counterview.net/2022/02/brought-camels-from-gujarat-milk-helped.html

You can read a story from India, where a businessman bought 4 camels for dairy to use their milk for his diabetes issue and the kids to play with their new mates. The link is already provided above.

Camels imported from Gujrat

Camel milk is known to be beneficial not only to patients with diabetes but also to those suffering from lung conditions and autism. It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, and patients with blood and bone cancer have reported complete and miraculous cures after drinking it.

Let we decide to produce our own food

Somehow we can manage our own food, we can grow and we can produce from the animals. We have to go for the natural and real food and we have to train our generations for food production, nature conservation, and sustainability.

Breaking news- The world’s first camel milk ATM installed in Nairobi

Breaking news of history and the year 2022.

A new shopping mall in Nairobi has set up Camel Milk ATM at the entrance. It is installed in Jumaira Center in South C along ole shapara Road Nairobi Kenya. It is the first vending machine of its kind in the modern human history, really a fascinating and amazing news of the year 2022. The love for camel milk is ever increasing in Africa, especially the Horn of Africa as the region is the emerging hub of camel milk for the young Africans. Such trend is opposite to the other important regions of the world where the young generation is more inclined towards the fast and junk foods but in Africa the flow is to the opposite direction. I would certainly love to ask the camel people in ME, Arabian Peninsula, Persia, Central, and South Asia to come with innovations with the camel milk and take a lead in the magical food.

JUMAIRA CENTER, a new shopping center in Nairobi placed Camel Milk ATM at the enterance of the shopping center to attract customer and sell camel milk at affordable price as low as ksh. 10 Kenya Shillings equivalent to 10 cent USD.

Gift of camelait camel milk powder to my friends

Camelait - camel milk powder of Alain farms for livestock produciton
Camelait – camel milk powder of Alain farms for livestock produciton gifted to my friend Dr. Ali Doseri

Camelait - camel milk powder of Alain farms for livestock produciton gifted to my friend Dr. Hashi Watheg
Camelait – camel milk powder of Alain farms for livestock produciton gifted to my friend Dr. Hashi Watheg

Camelait camel milk powder of Alain Farms in Abu Dhabi is the gift of choice for your friends