The Camel Milk Story “Theme of the World Camel Day 2018”

Dear friends and colleagues,
Greetings from the camels’ world.
We, the camel activists celebrate world camel day since last few years. Different groups of the people celebrate this day it in the different parts of the world in different ways. The idea behind celebrating world camel day is to aware the public and the policymakers regarding the important role of a camel in the food security under climate change scenario. World Camel Day (June 22)
Themes of Different Years
  • In 2016, the theme was “CAMEL FOR LIFE”
  • 2017, the theme was “Camel Journey from its original habitat to the modern world
  • 2018, the theme is “The camel milk story”
Anyone from any part of the world, who is interested to share his/er story can send it to my email, which will be shared via website with the name of the storyteller.
It is a great opportunity for the camel milk producing companies to share their stories (history and products etc) with the world.
Let’s celebrate this year world camel day as the awareness day for the precious milk of the camel.
Some link from the previous world camel days

Hope to hear from your side.

Beautiful Barela camel
A young camel herder with a Barela camel
This was an email, I sent to the camel people.

6 thoughts on “The Camel Milk Story “Theme of the World Camel Day 2018””

  1. Hi , Dr. sb, I have been reading your posts since long on the camel milk and related issues. indeed you are doing tremendous job and wish you success ahead. I come across the camel’s owner in my locality and sit with them ask them questions about their livelihood. most of them are poor and do not know the modern husbandry practices , neither the concerned Govts have any plan to improve their situations. 20-30 years back it was astonishing to eat its meat and milk in Malakand division of KPK but now the milking camels could be seen on the road sides in urban areas. they say that its milk are beneficial for human health both from religious and medical point of views. People get milk from them and use it as medicines for sugar, high blood pressure and general weakness. one of the regular consumer i asked its effect on his health, he told that i had general body pain and now i am feeling as a juvenile.climate change has compelled most of its owner to quit the profession and do some thing else. I strongly endorse the idea to establish a separate wing in Livestock & Dairy Development in each province to work with them vigorously and save this precious specie from extinction and save environment at large

    1. Dear Hassan Khan,
      I’m really pleased to know about your interest in the precious and unique camel. What you said, I endorse point to point. Yes, both the camels and their keepers are extremely hidden from the eyes of the governments and policy makers. In recent past many things changed very negatively, like climate change and the attitude change (the governments’ people, policy makers are looking for big things which can add somethings in their pockets).
      Yes, I’m agreeing with your suggestion. Yes we should look forward for some camel work but please do not forget about the poor donkey as well. We are celebrating world camel day each year on 22nd June, better you do some activity there or at least write a brief report on camel milk in your region, which will be publish in my website,
      Thanks once again, please keep the fingers crossing.
      My best regards

  2. InshAllah I will try my best to write some things on both the animals and would send that to you for publishing on your esteemed website please.

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