This is my new concept, photographing the important, old, and traditional trees, playing a role in the overall life and goodness of the societies.

Living graveyard on a tree

Trees turn death to life – Trees play more than 75 roles

Trees turn death to life. I have a deep connection with the trees and other flora and have been exploring and writing about the flora – The Flags of Paradise. I call the trees as the flags of paradise. I have compiled a very impressive article about the 75 goodness of trees, we know so far but now everyday, new things are coming into my notice and I add accordingly. Here is the link to the article of 75 goodness.

Prosopis cineraria, very tall and dense tree

Prosopis cineraria (Ghaf in Arabic) – An unsung hero of the desert

Ghaf tree says “When you see me thrive in your fields, you may wonder if I’m stealing water from your crops. I’m not! my taproots goes down 35-60 meters in search of water. That’s about. the width of one of your football fields! I actually protect your agriculture by acting as a windbreak to slow down dust storms. My roots also stabilize sand dunes, preventing the desert from taking over”.

Prosopis cineraria, well defined in Expo 2020

Prosopis cineraria, well defined in Expo 2020

Prosopis cineraria is an evergreen tree, grow up to 25m tall; trunk un-branched for several meters; branches droop, giving the canopy a rounded appearance with short triangular spines between leaves nodes; bark is fissured or cracked providing shelter to different insects. The tree is also frost hardy and tolerant of temperatures up to 50 oC.


I’m a deep ethnoecologist, ethnobotanist, and desert explorer. I have learned knowledge from nature and the people. I would love to share my understanding of the trees with the people. I love trees and nature and spend time with nature to heal my soul. Here are the 75 goodnesses of the trees in the following numerical lines.

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