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The Camel Reaches to the Next Level

We all know that camel is very important animal, especially the driest parts of the globe, ranging from a food security animal to packing, accessibility to heritage and sport to a hobby animal. Camel is making its space in other regions and continents both as a dairy animal (Holland, Germany, Australia, and the US) and …

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Some Facts About Camel along with its Real Terminology

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Camelidae Genus: Camelus Scientific Name: Camelus dromedarius Common Name: Camel/Jamel Other Name(s): Dromedary Camel, Arabian Camel, One-Humped Camel Group: Mammal Number Of Species: 1 Location: Asia, Africa, and Australia Habitat: Arid desert and scrubland Colour: Cream, Tan, Brown, Black, white, Fawn etc Skin Type: Hair/wool Size …

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Camel Population Trend in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the important camel countries in the world, especially because of the high milk yielder types in the country. The population of the camels is now stable but the history is a witness of a dent in the population because of the bad years (severe drought and other conflicts). Here I try to give …

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Kharan Desert is a Treasure of Precious Livestock Breeds

The world's leading milch camel~The Kharani

Kharani camel is found in the Chaghai-Kharan desert of Balochistan Pakistan. The best milch animal in the world. There is high variability within the breed for milk production. In the wet days of the year, when there is succulent vegetation, some specimen of the breed produce up to 38 litre of milk per day. Unfortunately, this breed is under severe threat. The main cause of erosion is the depletion of Thagaz (Halloxylon spp).

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