Camel Population Trend in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the important camel countries in the world, especially because of the high milk yielder types in the country. The population of the camels is now stable but the history is a witness of a dent in the population because of the bad years (severe drought and other conflicts).

Barela Camel
Brela camel is one of the world’s leading milk camel. The camel is very docile and polite during milking.

Here I try to give a visual expression of the camel population trend in the country. In this graphic expression, the data (the year 1956 to 2012) is presented which clearly tells the trends. Apparently, the camel population trends look like stable but I really do not believe in the reliability of the data.


The camel genetic resources in South Asia is under threat, especially in the great Thar desert.


Barela Camel is the Milk Line of Riverine Pakistan

Camel Milk Competition in Cholistan

A Beautiful Camel Heritage is Sinking

2 thoughts on “Camel Population Trend in Pakistan”

  1. We know about heavy population of camels in Pakistan including Thar desert. I belong to Thar and do medical practice with camels too. You are very much correct about issues regarding camel breeding and Genetics, management, reproduction, diseases prevalence, commercialization of camel production, etc.
    The problem here in Thar is to access the camel farmers, transfer of latest knowledge about camels to farmers, guidance about management is difficult.
    I assure you for any cooperation for CAMELS.


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