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How the Camel Milk Protect us from Infectious Diseases?

The Camel Milk which I abbreviate as CaM is the gift of nature and gold of the desert. It comes from the nature’s unique creature, highly adapted and incredibly sustainable ~ the camel. The camel milk (CM) is miraculously proving as a superfood and natural pharmacy. Because of the appreciable level and a unique combination of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, protein, and fatty acids, etc.), CM has medicinal properties covering a wide range of ailments. Such ailments are wide in range and comprising of autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, rashes, diabetes, liver disorders, rheumatism, inflammatory conditions, piles, urethral irritation, infectious diseases, stress/depression, peptic ulcers, and even cancer.

Camel milk is a real hero, attracting thousands of people in very different parts of the world. it contains a higher quantity of noble elements (lactoferrin, Vitamin C, Zn, Insulin-like protein, and calcium, etc.)  Vitamin C is well known for its anti-infectious qualities and usually found in citrus fruits. As citrus are rarely available in deserted ecosystems, nature gifted these precious ingredients in the form of camel milk.

Recently, a review article has been published, uncovering the role of super molecule ‘Lactoferrin’ in the CaM. One of the most important and effective molecules in the camel milk is Lactoferrin which safeguard our body from the infections. I hereby share you the link of that paper.

I try always to share the incredible health benefits of the CaM so that the people come on the natural resources, making us healthier and stronger. I would be very happy if you can comment, suggest or add something to further polish the knowledge about the CaM.

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