Natural Health and Camel Milk

Camel milk lactoferrin against bacterial infections

Due to the fact that camel milk has the highest amount of lactoferrin compared to other species, so it can be a valuable source of lactoferrin that can reduce bacterial growth, prevent bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation.

Camel milk- A Natural Compound against the Liver Diseases

Camel milk is very valuable natural pharmacy. It is treasured with unique molecules in magical compositions. Collectively camel milk works as functional food and heals many complication found in our health system because of our food and climate change.

Camel Milk and the Food Allergies

Camel Milk is Allergy Free and Calming other Types of Food Allergies The lacks of β−lactoglobulin and different β-casein allergic proteins, the camel milk is the best choice for the children who suffering from milk allergies. Camel milk IGs are same as human milk which improves allergic reactions to foods. This way it is good …

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How camel milk is effective on digestion and gut disorders!

A higher amount of anti-inflammatory proteins like lactoferrin can improve stomach and intestine troubles. Antivirus and antibacterial proteins of camel milk can stop pathogens bacteria in the gut and cause improved digestion system function The antimicrobial proteins of camel milk can decompose Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach and prevent ulcers, inflammation, and digestive system …

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BREAKING NEWS – A US Based Research Trial Proved ‘the Camel Milk as Toxin Flush’

A recent study (scientific trials on a valuable number of people) conducted in the US by a famous health practitioner (unpublished data) revealed that camel milk is the most efficient biological flusher to rinse the body inside from the toxins. Dr. Millie Hinkle has especially emphasized the toxins people take as drugs and addictions. I present you her email (name confidential) for your kind information and as breaking news.

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