The Milk

The Unspoken Story of Mares’ Milk

The mare milk is the closest to the breast milk, but there are differences between both milks in bioactive components. The mare milk contains Beta lactoglobulin and Vit C acting as important antioxidants. Udder Structure of the Mare The udder morphology has strong connection with the milk synthesis and secretion. Here I try to tell …

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Gorfa, milk container

ITUTI~The Traditional Milk Product of Ethiopia

During the traditional production of ituti, fresh milk is collected into a well-smoked fermented vessel, called gorfa. Gorfa is woven from fibers of selected plants into a lidded container with a capacity up to three liters.

Type of Milk Preference

This survey is part of a study to know the preference for type of milk. Please vote for your choice and help in getting a clear picture about the choice of people for type of milk.

Milking Khurasani Goat

Khurasani or Khorasani Goat Breed

Khorasani or Khurasani goat is one of the most important goat genetics of the historical Arya Warsha

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