Camel Milk is a Food which Boosts your Immune System

Immune system is the first defense line

A strong defense mechanism of the body (immune system) is one of the vital pillars of our health. Our defense mechanism is altered and harmed in our daily life because of many reasons.

We can revitalize our immune system

Fortunately, we can revitalize and energize our immune or defense system by some good steps if taken properly and timely. Among those steps, the most important is the food. A special food like camel milk, which could be rich with certain nutrients, helps in boosting our defense system. The second is the good exercise, followed by good sleep and turning off the stress machine of the body. But in this article, we shall discuss the special food role in boosting our defense line against the infections. The camel milk is the most important among the super foods so far known and available.

How the camel milk helps in immune system empowering?

In the ensuing lines, I shall thematically explain how the camel milk can help in strengthening of our immune system? How it really works and which ingredients make the camel milk a super food.

  1. Camel milk makes immune system stronger as it contains series of protective proteins such as lysozyme, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, immunoglobulin G, and immunoglobulin A.
  2. Camel milk is ant-inflammatory, decreasing stress of the diseases like diabetes and recover the losses happen from the inflammation to the organs and immune system
  3. Camel milk is fortified with a special quantity and composition of micro-minerals which provide a fine acid-base balance in the body, revitalizing our body and minimizing the surge of stress releasing hormones
  4. Camel milk provide calmness because of its very positive impact on our overall hormonal system which trigger our sleep, resulting in a very good and deep sleep. The deep sleep is another key of immune boosting strategy
  5. The nutrients’ richness of the camel milk helps in revitalizing our bodies, giving special stamina for a longer and better exercise. The author is on continuous consumption of camel milk and run above 10 km/day on regular basis at the age of 51 years
  6. Camel milk is free of allergen proteins and intolerant lactose, good and suitable for all family. All groups of age and physiological statuses can consume camel milk without any hesitation.


As a camel scientist, regular consumer of camel milk and a disease recovered person (with the camel milk), I would strongly recommend to use camel milk as a vital food in your daily routine. It will give you special vitality, health and energy. I must say, the camel milk will work surprisingly very good if you do some body exertions like work out, cycling, jogging and other physical activities.

Camel milk saved million of people from hunger in the challengin environments and now it can save millions from the contageous infections like COVID 19.

Dr. Raziq


2 thoughts on “Camel Milk is a Food which Boosts your Immune System”

  1. I would like to be able to use camel milk but it isn’t easy in the UK. Your findings seem very interesting and I will follow your post.


    1. An interesting article clearly explaining how including camel milk in your diet can help boost the immune system!
      @Gavychops – you can purchase camel milk by contacting Hump Group who are based in Birmingham. They can be contacted on or via their Instagram/Facebook.

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