Camel milk- A Natural Compound against the Liver Diseases

Prof. Dr. Taherah Mohammadabadi

Prof. Dr. Taherah Mohammadabadi from Iran as an experienced scientist has done many experiments on camel milk quality and its properties. She has written many articles on camel milk and health complications such as Hepatitis. In the following paragraphs, she explained how camel milk as an adjunct superfood is against complicated health issues, i.e. Hepatitis. There are some references already appreciating the role of camel milk in liver diseases. Some important references are additionally provided at the end of the article.

  • Lactoferrin is an amazing molecule and is found in a valuable quantity in camel milk. Lactoferrin is a primary drug against HCV infection and leads to complete inhibition of virus. The lactoferrin molecule of camel milk is unique and performs stronger than human and bovine milk lactoferrins
  • Camel milk immunoglobulins (IgG) can recognize peptides of the Hepatitis C virus in comparison with human IgG
  • Camel milk contains casein that ignites the process of natural apoptosis of HCV cells in the liver. Apoptosis is used during early development to eliminate unwanted cells http://It is used during early development to eliminate unwanted cells
  • Camel milk can enhance the cellular immune responses, inhibits the replication of the virus’s DNA, and recovers chronic hepatitis B patients in a certain period of time.

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