Camel Milk and the Food Allergies

Camel Milk is Allergy Free and Calming other Types of Food Allergies

The lacks of β−lactoglobulin and different β-casein allergic proteins, the camel milk is the best choice for the children who suffering from milk allergies. Camel milk IGs are same as human milk which improves allergic reactions to foods. This way it is good to calm other types of allergies in human especially children. In a study, the allergy affected children consumed camel milk for two weeks and in the first 24 hours they showed fewer symptoms of allergy and after four days all the symptoms disappeared. Camel milk rapidly improved children who were suffering severe food allergies.

Ways Forward

The findings available are very specific and attained from limited research. It needs further clinical and lab researches to confirm the effectiveness of camel milk in alleviating of food allergies. For further details, please go to the link below.

4 thoughts on “Camel Milk and the Food Allergies”

  1. Food allergies and poor food digestion are one of the main problems in recent times. It is a challenge for gut health. As we are taking oxidants, toxins, microorganisms, and other adulterants in our food on a regular basis because we are distancing from natural life, camel milk is a hope of light in the darkness.
    I had regular belly trouble and sometimes it could worsen with the change in food and other reasons. For the last few years, I’m regularly taking camel milk and taking proper walking/jogging, I have no gut issues at all for the last many years. I’m personally very convinced that camel milk really works and enriches the gut microbiome which ultimately helps in a healthy digestive system.
    My best regards

  2. The camel milk industry is undervalued but could rival other foreign exchange earners in Kenya. Drought and the fact that 89% of Kenya is classified as arid and semi-arid land means many are shifting from cows to camels, even in southern Kenya,” said Dr James Chomba Njanja, Vice Chair of the Kenya Camel Association. “The camel saved humans for generations in the desert. In arid areas and hot weather over 45C, we see cows suffer as they need 8-10 times more water than camels to produce 1 litre of milk,” said Dr. Abdul RaziqKakar, a UAE based camel dairy specialist from Pakistan and Camels4All blogger.

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