Desert exploration

Calitropis is an attraction

There is no better place for ecotherapy than a desert

A nature lover by birth I’m born like that, I love nature, especially the desert ecosystem and camels. I take therapy from nature. I’m a true believer in nature. The far and wide horizons of the desert provide an opportunity to take long deep breaths and refresh your memories and thoughts. On each side you …

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Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar is cleaning the desert in the United Arab Emirates

Desert cleaning is a camel saving

Desert cleaning activity Usually once a week (in good weather), I go to the desert, spend some hours (desert ecotherapy), collect some plastic rubbish, and through in the nearby waste bins. I collect them in plastic bags and share the photographs on my social media to give 2 lessons; Do not trash in the desert, …

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Calitrops providing shelter and commune to other plants and animals

A pleasant outdoor visit -Desert, camel, flora, and the ecosystem

The Desert is not a problem but a precious ecosystem The Desert is one of the most important attractions in my life. Walking on sand gives a heavenly feeling. Today, I visited the desert, walked on the sand, and ate pomegranates while sitting on the sand dune. I filmed a short video of the camels …

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Crocodile in the desert - Making shapes

Desert Exploration – Here, I have uncovered some facts about the desert

It is always fun walking and exploring the treasures and beauties of the desert. I love to walk and explore in the desert. Desert is the ocean of the sand but there is no Shark and no Stingrays. You can find beautiful and unique flora, fauna, sand dunes, songs of the air blowing, and sometimes a desert storm. Desert is a paradise but you have to choose a good time/weather to roam in the paradise. We have 3 months to go in the desert and inhale long breaths in the open and wide horizons of the desert.

Close view of Zygophyllum qatarense

Desert ecology, floral survival, and camel grazing – Impacts and the future hopes

Zygophylum is engineered with specialized qualitative traits, making it the most reseleient flora in the derest. At the moment, I have lost some pictures, camel eating Zygophyllum but I’m quite optimistic that soon, I shall be able to share with you. Please consider my suggestion, planting native plants like Leptadenia, Haloxllon, Zygophyllum, and other shrubs and trees in your lawns so that your kids are enriched with the knowledge of native flora and fauna as the native plants act as a wildlife sanctuary. The local people in Arabia and Persia have been using this plant for various purposes, ranging from medication (human and animals) to disinfecting/cleaning clothes and other stuff, and insect repletion to rodents control.

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