Crotalaria aegyptiaca – highly adapted desert flora with beautiful yellow flowers

Documentation of desert flora with the connection of camel’s food

Documenting the desert’s flora, especially those plants highly liked by camels, I have named them camel icecream plants. In the last two decades, I have worked on the characterization, documentation, and reporting of such flora from Balochistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. Under the category of Camel Icecream Plant Species, you can find a series of articles covering this topic.

Key Words: Crotalaria aegyptiaca, Desert, Camel

A perennial shrub, Crotalaria aegyptiaca has many stems and green branches. It can grow up to a meter tall and is usually leafless when in flower. As with other desert plants, the flora is slightly hairy.

Distributed throughout Egypt and Somalia in Africa, Iran in Asia, and United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, and the Middle East. The flora is grazed by camels and goats. It has traditional medicinal value as well and is used for the treatment of some diseases.

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