Calitropis is an attraction

There is no better place for ecotherapy than a desert

A nature lover by birth I’m born like that, I love nature, especially the desert ecosystem and camels. I take therapy from nature. I’m a true believer in nature. The far and wide horizons of the desert provide an opportunity to take long deep breaths and refresh your memories and thoughts. On each side you …

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Rumex vesicarius in Qatar. The picture was taken from the website, Flora of Qatar for public audience.

Why native flora diversity is better than monoculture forest for replantation

We have now peer reviewed scientific support for my opinion of planting native flora. I have been documenting, analyzing, and reporting the worth of native flora in the context of biodiversity, food (for us and livestock), environmental support, and another aspect of goodness. Here is the link to my general article about the goodness of trees and other flora.

Haloxyllon and Leptadenia as a live wall

Native VS the Exotic Flora – Conserve Nature and Enrich Your Ecosystem

very important role can be fodder production for the camels and other livestock. The stalk trimmed for beautification can be a very good camel feed. The municipility like Abu Dhabi can produce thousands of tons of fodder for camels annualy and can save a huge volume of import expences

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