Kharai camel breed of Indus Delta. They can swim up to 10 nautical miles to reach mangroves.

Farming and Food – Communities vs the corporations

Sun is the Source of Energy for us The basic source of food (energy) is the sun, the plants, bacteria, algae, and other (known and known creatures) synthesize energy by the mechanism of photosynthesis. The only source of energy for photosynthesis is the sun. Water and carbon dioxide (CO2) are the main molecules used for …

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Camels browsing on Zygophyllum qatarense in Alain

The Camels Play Important Role in Ecosystem Management ~Important actor of the desert

camel is not only for food and recreation but also for the ecosystem managment. Camel is the important player of the desert ecosystem, giving health and vitalization to the desert. Here, you can see in video the role of camel in the desert.

Beautiful Sheep Breed

A scientific study revealed that grazing revitalizes our soil and sequestrate carbon up to 80%

The researchers’ early estimates suggest that an acre of grazed native plants may improve the soil at a rate of one ton of sequestered carbon per year and that carbon and other nutrients may accumulate for 12 to 15 years before the soil is fully saturated – the study says.

Typical Dumeri sheep of North Eastern Balochistan, Pakistan

Dumeri also called as Hernai breed is found in Ziarat, Hernai, and part of Quetta, Pishin, Qillasaifulla, and Loralai districts. The nucleus of the breed is Sanjavi, Zalar, Hernai, Shana Gharra, Spin Tangi, and Zarghoon. The tribes who keep Dumeri sheep are Kakar, Wanechi, and Salgari, especially sub-clans of Kakar,
i.e. Dumer and Zakhpail.

Giving Livestock Grazing a Chance – A Success Story of Goats’ Role in Vegetation Management Project, Laguna Beach California USA

The importance of livestock grazing has been realized more than before as there are many fire incidents in 2020 and this year 2021, the number of fire incidents is incredibly more than before. In the link below you can read some of the losses mentioned from the fire in California, which are heart-wrenching.

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