About Camel Milk~With Bactrian Perspectives

Camels’ milk is the king of the milk kingdom, said by the Bactrian camel keepers in Central Asia. It is the first choice for health maintenance. They think that their milk is more nourishing than their sister camel (dromedary) and all other animals.

Jiali_camelmilk_DSC06785-1.jpgOur milk is high grade but tastes a little bit salty because of my taste as I like salty bushes; the only ice cream for me in the ecosystems where I live. I live in very cold regions and hence producing milk thicker than my sibling dromedary. My milk keeps a desirable PH of the human body as it is a bit alkaline. I have the physical effect on the stomach of my keepers to make them happy and in a good mood. Detailed Nutritional Composition of Bactrian Camel’s Milkmy bactrian

My milk is rich in protein (4.5%), making me special food item for the poor and undernourished group of the human being. Bactrian milk protein contains many health promising elements as various Amino Acids and Vitamins, Lysozymes & Lactoferrin,  and Immunoglobulin; all are protective and bio-active.


Might be of interest to read about the Bactrian camel dairy in the Chinese Turkistan. CHINA’S CAMEL-MILK MOGUL

I know my population is lesser and I’m still hiding from the eyes of the policymakers and scientists but I’m sure, one day they will realize my importance.



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  1. very precious information by Aileen she provided with the link of this blog post in Facebook. Here is provided as “Aileen Kane Most of the early scientific research on camel milk was done in the Soviet Union and it was done with the milk of Bactrian camels as this was the more common sub-species in the Soviet Union.
    In Soviet times this milk was used in sanitariums as treatment for TB and cancer and in special sanitariums for alcoholics to treat the malnutrition and liver damage caused by alcoholism.”

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