Camels browsing on Zygophyllum qatarense in Alain

The Camels Play Important Role in Ecosystem Management ~Important actor of the desert

Livestock and the Symbiotic Relationship with the Ecosystem

Livestock grazing plays a pivotal role in ecosystem revitalization and management. A strong symbiotic relationship exists between all players in the ecosystem and livestock is one of the most important players. Here I’m showing you (video with a youtube link) how the camels give life to the desert’s flora. Camels inject a unique microbiome into the desert’s plants while browsing which gives strength, vigor, and resilience to the flora. Here is the link to a video, please watch it and give your feedback.

The camels browsing the deserts’ flora early in the morning in UAE.

It is a hazy and dusty morning in the United Arab Emirates. The camels are browsing the sparsely available vegetation of the desert. They are happy and eat the beautiful and nutritious bush of Tribulus, the yellow flowers, and the green twigs. The camel eats the plants and injects super and unique microorganisms into the plants to revitalize their health. The camel converts the intake into manure, giving food to the soil’s microbiome. In return, the microbiome synthesizes simple food for the flora rhizospheres, and the roots reabsorb the simple nutrients from the rhizosphere.

The grazing lands have stronger flora than the restricted area

I have my personal experience, the region which is grazing restricted has very poor and unthrifty shrubs but the open grazing areas have very strong, well-adapted, and healthy flora. For so long, we had no rain but still, you can see the shrubs and bushes smiling happily on this hazy morning because of the soil richness. We have to understand the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals, the microbiome, and soil to give a better future to Mother Earth by giving livestock again its original task of ecosystem management with grazing.

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