Zygophyllum qatarense

A food security agent for the camels in the desert

Heaven of Zygophyllum qataranse in Alain Abudhabi.

Dipterygium glaucum الصفروی

Dipterygium glaucum الصفروی, A Plant that is Liked such as Icecream by the Camels and Goats. Part 4

Dipterygium glaucum is highly liked by camels, it is rich nutritional value as well as used as a herbal source of medicine. The camel loves the plant especially when it is in flowering and seeding stages. I think they like it in these stages because of the aroma and the high protein contents of flowers and seeds respectively. The plants are very strong, powerful to resist the winds of the desert. The multiple branches make it stronger and a source of protection for different insects and reptiles.

What comes to your mind when you hear about the desert?

Desert Provides Comfort and Habitat to Many Beautiful Flora and Fauna Desert is not a hell of sand but a beautiful paradise for a wide and diverse floral and faunal biodiversity. Here, I share some pictures of the desert. I took these pictures in the different time period during my desert exploration walk. Desert is …

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