Desert Flora

Convolvulus cephalopods (morning glory) in Masaken area, Alain Abu Dhabi UAE

The beautiful Morning Glory (Convolvulus cephalopods) in the desert of Alain UAE

Desert Morning Glory is a perineal shrub You can briefly read about the beautiful Morning Glory (perineal shrub Convolvulus cephalopods) in the desert of Alain United Arab Emirates. It is a perineal shrub, found in the Arabian Peninsula, ME, and Persia. The flora is very hardy and well adapted to the desert ecosystem and provides …

The beautiful Morning Glory (Convolvulus cephalopods) in the desert of Alain UAE Read More »

camel eating Eremorium aegyptiacum

The annual Brassicaceae erupted after a shower in the Arabian desert غريده

Brassicaceae (Mustard) is found in almost all the desert/drylands, i.e. Sahara, ME, Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We have some very fresh information about the Eremobium aegyptiacum, a large family with an interesting and beautiful flowering of 4 petals.

Arabian Boxthorn (Lycium shawii), AWSAJ in Arabic

Lycium shawii is highly adapted to desert ecosystems. The thin-leaved, rigid bush grows up to 3 meters (9.8 feet) high, with a lot of branches and alternating spines that vary in size, and grow along the branches and on their tips. The leaves narrow towards their base. It produces small whitish-pink or purple flowers from Sep to Apr. The fruit is small red pea-sized (seedy berries), edible, and used as herbal medicine as well. The flora like to be the neighbor of Acacia tortillas and Prosopis cineraria to climb and thrive better.

A robber fly is sucking the nectar of the The flower of Tetraena qatarensis.

Macro flower photography of the Tetraen qatarensis with beautiful wildlife

I’m sharing some macro photography about the tiny wildlife serving and living in the Tetraena qatarensis. In the pictures, you will see beautiful flowers, flies, robber flies, and other tiny creatures. You will be able to see the close view of the complete flowers, stigma, pistil, and the maturing fruits of the shrub. With each image, there is some brief information that can help you understand the purpose of the picture.

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