Calotropis Plant, a Desert Beauty and a Future Hope

Each flora and fauna on the earth is precious, only our understanding needs to be deepenS and widens about such genetic biodiversity. I collect some knowledge from my desert exploration walk and happy to share with the reader. Here is a photostory about the Calotropis plant from Alain, UAE.

Enjoy Desert Exploration with Me

I strongly beleive in the desert's ecotheraphy. If you have burden of work and challenges in the life then please straightly go to the desert and talk to the creatures over there. See and observe how the deseart living organisms survive and how they face the challenges of life with patience. I'm sure that we can better learn from the nature. Understanding the philosopy of calmness will give you a great health and satisfaction.

The Nature is True Friend

Sandy or Deserted, Richland vs Poorland

The land cover with the sands is sandy, commonly known as desert. But all the sandy soil are not deserted soil. To me, deserted mean the land abused by the factory farming or monocultural farming, full of the residues of the pesticides, weedicides and chemicals. The monoculture farming is hazardous to the flora and fauna…

Beautiful Flowers and Fruits of Wild Flora of United Arab Emirates

The desert in the UAE is a living desert, rich with plants and animals. The desert have different species of floras with beautiful flowers and fruits. I hereby share a link of my video channel to see the beauty of the desert. Please like, comment the video and subscribe my channel.