Red Jungle Fowl

Red jungle fowl in Arabian Peninsula

The beutiful chicken, decendent of the Red Jungle Fowl is very adapted to any climatic conditions of the world. This Picture, I shot in the UAE, here the weather is extremely warmer in summer.

How does Tetraena qatarensis synonym Zygophyllum qatarense Support Wildlife and Livestock in the Desert?

Zygophylum qatarense is really a unique flora with almost 0 % water loss. It absorb moisture from the atmosphere and the scatter roots in the sands absorb moisture from the due in the cooler hours of the night. I call this plant as water trap in the desert. The plant redirect or reabsorb the moisture of the transpiration with the help of the tiny hairs. This plants is really very strange and unique. It is called as Harram in Arabic.

Beautiful Flowers of Acacia nilotica

Here are some flowers and a pod of the Acacia nilotica in Alain, UAE

Olive forest in Zhob Balochistan

The Living Fossils of Olive Forest in Suleiman Mountainous Region of Pakistan – A Wildfire Engulfed our Precious Flora

It is an olive tree, centuries-old, witnessing a long history. Maybe millions of people, animals, and small creatures have lived and survived on it. Such trees act as mountains of Carbon. We should save such treasure of humanity. ♥️ I call such trees the living fossils.

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