Calitropis is an attraction

There is no better place for ecotherapy than a desert

A nature lover by birth

I’m born like that, I love nature, especially the desert ecosystem and camels. I take therapy from nature. I’m a true believer in nature.

The far and wide horizons of the desert provide an opportunity to take long deep breaths and refresh your memories and thoughts. On each side you see the desert, the beauty is there. You do not need to choose places and angles for photography, just start shooting the glimpses. A Desert is not a purposeless place but a very valuable ecosystem and habitat of precious flora and fauna. What comes to your mind when you hear about the desert?

Deep in the nature, deep in the desert
The author with a pose in the desert

Desert Biodiversity matters

I’m exploring desert ecosystems, their natural assets, biodiversity, and the overall health of the ecosystem. I found the desert flora very unique and highly adapted. You can see some images I shot in Dec. 2022 during my ethnoecological and ethnobotanical exploration work. You can find amazing images and facts about the desert in the link below. A pleasant outdoor visit -Desert, camel, flora, and the ecosystem

Desert Ecotherapy

A Desert is not only beautiful but a place where you can enjoy moments of your life. The desert is always rich with a wide diversity of flora and fauna. The whole picture makes the scene very attractive, which works as an ECOTHERAPY. Here is the link to a very important exploration work regarding the beauties and assets of nature. A pleasant outdoor visit -Desert, camel, flora, and the ecosystem

The wind direction and intensity shape and design the sand into beauty and attraction

A desert is a piece of paradise on earth

The beautiful red sandy desert of the Alain is unique and special of its kind among many deserts. The desert is always a living ecosystem. I go to the desert very regularly and explore the beauty and assets of the desert. I walk barefoot in the desert. I hope, you will enjoy and share my articles on your social media pages. Desert Exploration – Here, I have uncovered some facts about the desert

We should care for and respect nature – The desert

I love nature at large, especially love the desert ecosystem and the camels. I can’t see the plastic kills the incredible camels and other types of biodiversity.

Usually once a week (in good weather), I go to the desert, spend some hours (desert ecotherapy), collect some plastic rubbish, and through in the nearby waste bins. I collect them in plastic bags and share the photographs on my social media to give 2 lessons; 1. Do not trash in the desert, except in the waste bin, and 2. Collect some waste back from the desert whenever you visit the desert. Plastic Pollution is a Killer for Camels in the Desert

A bag of plastics collected from the desert
Collected a bag of trash in a small place in the desert

Plastic trashing is one of the most important environmental issues, especially in deserts (as the desert is my main interest). It is a killer practice for the very precious flora and fauna of the desert. I appeal to you all to please not trash plastic in the desert and whenever you visit the desert, collect some additional plastic waste and dump it into the waste bin. Desert cleaning is a camel saving

Thanks for your appreciation and admiration dear Joana

Joanna, a very good friend of mine and a true nature lover writes about nature under the title of NATURETAILS. She wrote a very appealing blog about my desert connection and work. Here is the link to her blog as; The Medical Wonder – Camel’s Milk



8 thoughts on “There is no better place for ecotherapy than a desert”

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  2. This is an excellent and beautiful post, Dr Raziq, the beauty of the desert, its dunes are truly beautiful, and your photos are showing this perfectly. Thank you!
    You are very lucky to live so close and visit daily.
    Thank you for mentioning my blog.


    1. Thanks very much Joanna for your appreciation and support. You wrote a very touchy article about my work which really makes me very happy and thankful. You are such a great soul and you write very beautifully about the nature and the beauty.

  3. Thanks Dr. Abd ul Raziq for such an insightful article on eco-therapy , and for sharing how mother nature helps in healing. Japanese have an old and strong tradition of spending time in forests . it gives rare opportunity of self- meditation , and of communicating with mother nature .

  4. Well said. It is a common saying when you are in Rome , be Roman. Ideology behind this is you get best of the land when you abide by the land . The land knows what to give you. Many may feel Desert has nothing to offer -it is a total wrong notion , actually in reality it is a gold mine . In my early days of Practice i used meet the earlier days national locals who never move out of their desert camp, i was highly appreciative of their views and their status of health and longevity which was totally missing in their next generations which sought after the luxury of modernization.I am sure it is nothing short of a spa of modern day for reclaiming one’s health and immunity. Dates and Camel Milk for example coming from desert has all the fortified nourishment one need. Every lifestyle of the Nomadic Desert Bedouin has some thing to offer to our life.


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