Category: The Camel Milk Products

Traditionally, the camel milk had been used as fresh to attain the goodness of the supermolecules found in the camel milk. Now the world is changing and many products are produced from camel milk, even some products are made for skincare and other purposes. In the changing world, the camel milk products are very important and the diversity of the products attract different type of consumers from different parts of the world.

CHAL~ A Traditional Camel Milk Product of Turkmens’ Cameleers

Turkmen! A Traditional Nomadic Community of Central Asia Turkmen is a native community of central Asia, predominantly live in Turkmenistan but a sizable number is also found in Afghanistan, Iran, followed by Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Turkmens are very traditional and have strong connections with… Continue Reading “CHAL~ A Traditional Camel Milk Product of Turkmens’ Cameleers”

Homemade Butter from Camel Milk

Making yogurt from camel milk is a challenge and so is the separation of butterfat. After a lengthy effort and trying different modules, ultimately we succeeded to make yogurt, separated butter, got whey (Shlombey, شلومبئ). Shlombey is darling drink of the Pashtun Afghan people… Continue Reading “Homemade Butter from Camel Milk”

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