The Camel Milk Products

Traditionally, the camel milk had been used as fresh to attain the goodness of the supermolecules found in the camel milk. Now the world is changing and many products are produced from camel milk, even some products are made for skincare and other purposes. In the changing world, the camel milk products are very important and the diversity of the products attract different type of consumers from different parts of the world.

Milking a Camel is a fun

Camel Milk Business – The Global Camel Milk Companies

The global camel milk business is worth > 11 billion US dollars annually. About 70% of camel milk is consumed by camel owners and never reaches the market but some companies (farmers, cooperatives, and corporate) process and market the camel milk. Because of the availability of camel milk in the market, the consumption of camel milk is increasing and there is an ever-increasing demand for it, mainly because of health reasons and sustainability of the farming system.

camel milk yogurt

A Professor in KSA made yogurt from 100% pure camel milk – Here is the whole story

Recently, yogurt could not be made from CaM unless the dromedary milk samples were fortified with combinations of cow’s milk constituents (micellar casein, whey protein, and sodium caseinate) in the presence of microbial transglutaminase. Others added commercial chymosin along with gelatin, starch, and skim milk powder. However, the final product deviated from standards of identity for yogurt traditionally made by acidification (no cheese coagulant) by selected lactic acid bacterial starters.  Instead, the resulted CaM fermented product could be best described as a yogurt-like one.

Fermented Camel Milk (Shubat)

Each nomadic or camel community have their own taste and methodology. Some give smokey while the others give oily taste. The smoke of juniper leaves gives a special aroma to the Shubat. Some rub the fat tail of sheep with the inside of the container for shubat. Some women add risen, dried apricot, and other locally available fruits, etc. The shubat has a very strong sour taste and long-fermented one has an acidic taste.


Vitamin C and anti-oxidant peptides that are produced from the digestion of camel milk proteins also protect the skin from free radicals which causes some skin problems such as wrinkles and dryness. The application of crème containing 40% raw camel milk showed very good results in psoriasis patients.

Chal, a fermented camel milk

CHAL~ A Traditional Camel Milk Product of Turkmens’ Cameleers

Turkmen! A Traditional Nomadic Community of Central Asia Turkmen is a native community of central Asia, predominantly live in Turkmenistan but a sizable number is also found in Afghanistan, Iran, followed by Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Turkmens are very traditional and have strong connections with livestock and animal agriculture. They are a strong and long traveling …

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