Camel Milk Business – The Global Camel Milk Companies

The global camel milk business is worth > 11 billion US dollars annually. About 70% of camel milk is consumed by camel owners and never reaches the market but some companies (farmers, cooperatives, and corporate) process and market the camel milk. Because of the availability of camel milk in the market, the consumption of camel milk is increasing and there is an ever-increasing demand for it, mainly because of health reasons and sustainability of the farming system.

I have hereby compiled the names and their origin of some important and significant companies. Here are the names. If anyone knows about the other companies, please feel free to contact me and share the information about the camel milk company. I shall add to the article with pleasure.

Author is milking a camel in Alain Abudhabi United Arab Emirates. Author is the founder of world camel day.

Important companies of camel milk at the global level

  1. Camelait, produced by Alain Farms for Livestock Production, Alain Abudhabi, UAE
  2. Camelicious, Dubai UAE
  3. Tvisky Mauritania
  4. Toplait Mauritania
  5. Alwathania KSA
  6. Al-Thurath KSA
  7. Al-Marooj Oman
  8. Camel milk company Australia
  9. QCamel Company Australia
  10. Summerland Australia
  11. Camilk Dairy Australia
  12. Desert Farm Inc. the USA
  13. Camelot USA
  14. Oasis Camel Dairy USA
  15. Camel Dairy Smit Netherlands
  16. Tedjane Dairy, Al- Oued Algeria
  17. Lait De Chamelle Morocco
  18. Tayyiba Farm Egypt
  19. Nuug Camel Farm Kenya
  20. Whitegold Camel Milk Kenya
  21. Ramad and Galool, Hergeisa Somaliland
  22. Wang Yuan China
  23. Xinjiang Wangyuan Camel Milk Industry Co. China
  24. TESO Mongolia
  25. CAMWELL Mongolia
  26. Amul Camel Milk India
  27. Aadvik India
  28. She Camel India
  29. Camel Chrishma India
  30. Hump Group, UK
  31. Ovacik Mandira, Turkeye

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