An Exploration Walk is an Ecotherapy

I love camels as well as the desert and its biodiversity. As contrary to the common perception, the deserts are very rich and beautiful lands. I hereby share some snapshots of the beautiful flora and fauna of the Arabian desert in Al Ain, Abudhabi, UAE. I shot these pictures during my desert exploration walk. This walk really healed me from my inside. It refreshed my memories and focused my thoughts.

Very friendly desert lizard, resembling the reddish-gold sand of the ecosystem

I’m very much impressed by the resilient power of this desert grass. Also known as Sedge grass with scientific name Cyprus conglomeratus and Thenda in Arabic. Sedges were once used to make sails, ropes, baskets, and mats, and also as fuel.

The withstand the desert storms. Their roots are envaloped by very specialized fiberous cushion to preserve water in the roots.

To know in detail, please click the link and read about different plants and animals in the desert. I’m sure you will love the pictures and will refresh your memories. With each snap, there is some short caption, which will be very useful in understanding desert life.

Bio-Treasures of the Jebel Hafeeth in Alain, UAE and Hiking EthnoEcologically

Life is always a fun and blessing if you love something with purpose. I love the nature and my life is a realtime blessing and fun. Last Saturday, our dream came true and we managed hiking Jebel Hafeeth. Jebel Hafeeth’s summit is 1200 meters above the sea level. The mountain has a good road to access the summit and sophisticated infrastructure is provided.

My Interest was not only to see the Mountain and Reach the Summit but the Biodiversity and Landscape

The mountain is the hotspot of the unique biodiversity, flora and fauna of the region. I wished to see the biodiversity as much as possible and decided to hike while walking and exploring the treasures of biodiversity. My two sons, Haris and Uzair accompanied me and helped me a lot especially in filming and carrying the luggage with me.

We Found Jebel Haffet the Treasure of Flora

About 118 species of plants are documented in the mountainous region of Jebel Hafeeth, some are only found in this mountain but no where elese in the world. Our main iterest was to see the plants and animals, make some pictures/video and study them according to our capacity. We found very unique plants here which I have never seen before in my all travels and journies. In the following, I shall share some pictures with you.

A flora with very beautiful flowers, unique aroma and pods of seeds. The plants is leguminous in nature and very hard to survive in dry conditions. Issumed as member of Brassica family

Looks like Fountain grass but it is a very reselient, hard and adapted bush of the desert. In the plain lands/desert it is surviving in very challenging conditions and provide food to the livestock and wild animals. The camels love this plant.

Haloxylong, an importan species of the flora in the region and beyond. This plant has very high herbal and feeding value. One of the rich sources of salts for the livestock in the desert and other dry regions. There are many types of Haloxylon, 2 types found in the UAE.

A thorny beautiful bush of the mountain with beautiful and attractive flowers. The bark of the plants is witish tan and there are long spines. I found many flies around the flowers and a moth as well. If some one knows more and better about the plant, please respond.

The flowers are very resemble to the Ocra flowers but the plant is entirely different. I could not conclude any idea about the plant. The flowers are so charming and attractive. I hope someone from the nature lovers and ecologist will respond. In my view it looks like Fallugia sp.

Beautiful hardy flora with larger leaves give an attraction to the rocks of the Jebel Hafeet. This plant is also unique and found in the dry mountain Al Hijar. Further information are required.

A tall but attractive bush sprouted in the rock. Again, the information are very rare and limited.

Very much resemble to the Ragweed but need further clarificaiton and details. A beatiful bush.

A beautiful spiny leaf bush with yellow flowers. The natural resources here are conserved and protected so very hard to predict if what species of livestock has consumed it.

Some Woody Flora

There are some woody vegetation as well, mainly Acacia, Zizyphus and some others. Need further work to expolore the wood genetics of the region.

Come and See the Rock with Us

The rock of the mountain is predominently sedimentry. You can see many broken and rolledout rocks anywhere in the mountain. You will enjoy seeing the mamut stones giving the sense of hardiness.

Orchard Farming and Infrastructure

The road is extended to the summit of the mountain, ranging to 12 km. The infrastructure is well establish with all faciliites like parkings on different heights, lighting in the night, and so many other facilities.

I found one thing very important and interesting but new, the orchard of the Fig, Pomegranate and Jamon. The plants are very healthy, connected with the water pipeline, with the motors running with the solar penals.

We met a Hiker from Canada

A hiker friend was there asking about the hiking route. We had a very good chat. He told us about his hiking story of Jebel Jaish. Life is very precious and beautiful and make it possible to connect you with the different corners of the world. Lets love our life and our mother earth.

The Birds we Saw

Yes, we saw the birds though some from distance on the rocks and in the air. I hereby share the pictures of sand petridge, Egyptian volture, and sparrows.

The Sad Message and Thing Needs to be done?

Life and nature are very beautiful. We must be very grateful for each moment we live and spending time on the earth. Sometimes you see the painful facts in the life, really painful and disturbing. One thing which make me very upset is the litter or waste thrown without any purpose just to make our Mother Earth dirty and unhealthy.

The gohome message is to raise awareness about the cleaning and caring the mother earth. Please help me in spreading my message ‘KEEP THE MOTHER EARTH HEALTHY AND CLEAN’.




I’m a deep ethnoecologist, ethnobotanist, and desert explorer. I have learned knowledge from nature and the people. I would love to share my understanding of the trees with the people. I love trees and nature and spend time with nature to heal my soul. Here are the 75 goodnesses of the trees in the following numerical lines.

The famous Thari cattle under the Prosopis tree
  1. The chlorophyl (green power house) in the leaves transform solar energy into chemical energy
  2. Trees provide shade to animals and human being
  3. Cooling of air by transpiration, hence conserve energy costs on cooling
  4. Trees conserve the water, a tree is a huge water reservoir
  5. The fruits we eat come from the trees
  6. Foods other than fruits like leaves, barks, roots, gums, etc come from the trees
  7. Trees bring a diverse group of people together and provide a great social opportunity and unity
  8. Animals’ feed, especially the drylands’ trees with the edible leaves and pods
  9. Nesting opportunities for birds, act as birds sanctuaries
  10. Habitat for insects, rodents, birds, and many other animals as a tree is a colony for them
  11. The trees control and minimize the pressure of the wind storms
  12. Each country has its national tree
  13. Maswak, a traditional mouth brush is made from the trees
  14. Trees protect our skins from the hazardous rays like UV rays
  15. Trees provide excellent beauty to the Ecosystem
  16. Trees act as landmarks on the earth, people, as well as the animals, use the trees as their GPS
  17. Trees provide natural mapping, one can easily map the region with the help of the trees
  18. Strengthening and conservation of soil; the soil is a precious asset on the planet
  19. Trees provide a medium to microorganisms to sustain life and enrich the soil and micro-ecosystem
  20. Trapping and fixing carbon from the air, one of the most important roles in the mitigation of climate change
  21. Provision of oxygen, which is the most common knowledge we know, sustaining life on the earth
  22. With the fragrance of flowers, many communities, and people recognize the species of the tree with the fragrance of the flowers
  23. The fragrance of fruits as an attraction and flavor
  24. Many beauty and fashion products are made from the trees
  25. Tissue papers, wallpapers and other roles are made from the trees
  26. Trees are the subject of fairytales, many fairytales are linked to the trees
  27. Historical background, many trees have a history
  28. Some trees are really the living fossils living for 100s of years
  29. Trees materialize communities to sustain in a specific ecosystem
  30. Trees are involved in the water cycle and a source of rains and attraction of the clouds
  31. Protect coasts and provide habitats to marine life like mangroves forests
  32. Use for furniture, a diverse use for different kinds of home accessories
  33. Handicrafts made from different parts of the tree, like leaves are used for mats and hand fans
  34. Different parts of the trees are used for medicine, like fruits, barks, seeds, flowers, etc
  35. Some trees are used for fiber synthesis, making fabric and other products
  36. Provides food for the silkworm, great human history with the silk trade
  37. Some communities worship the trees, providing meditational opportunities
  38. Some trees are sacred in some religions and have a spiritual connection as their fruits are considered special and unique to other fruits
  39. The trees provide sports and playing opportunities for the kids, many rural sports are played under a tree
  40. Some communities do tree climbing challenges which provide pleasures to the communities
  41. When kid, I found refuge by climbing on a tree to be safe from the furious dog
  42. Trees provide safety in the wars and conflicts
  43. The small ships and boats are made from the wood
  44. Many specialized parts for the beauty of expensive cars are made from the wood, like BMW, etc
  45. Boomerang, an Aussi indigenous tool for defense and hunting made of the wood
  46. Woodcutting and other equipment for cutting crops having woods as an important part
  47. Almost all the agricultural operations tools were made of the wood in the earlier agricultural development
  48. The old hunting tools were mostly composed of the wood
  49. Some weapons of war were always made of the wood like arrows etc
  50. Wood shaving is used for the bedding of the livestock
  51. Some trees provide special oil like Sandalwood and some others
  52. The leaves’ extract of the neem is used as insect repellants
  53. The wood oil extract from the pine tree in Pashtunkhawa of Pakistan and Afghanistan is used for the mange and other skin diseases of the livestock
  54. Making utensils of the trees’ wood, now the precious heritage conserved in many museums
  55. Use wood for art and crafting
  56. Wood is used for the fencing of gardens and livestock barns
  57. Woods are used for making musical instruments
  58. Wood is used for making stationery items, the best example is the pencil
  59. Leisure food items like Chocolates are the products of the tree
  60. Bottles’ corks are made from the tree
  61. Some hair dyes are made from the trees
  62. Waxes are produced from the tree
  63. Tyres and other rubber products are coming from the rubber trees
  64. Sponges, a soft and squishy product like a sponge is made from wood fibers
  65. Chewing gums come from the wood
  66. One of the best honey comes from the trees
  67. Sports equipment like Bats, wickets, etc are made from the wood
  68. The kid’s toys made from the wood are considered as the best and safe
  69. Wood pads are used in the traditional treatment of human and animals’ bone fractures
  70. Trees reduce violence, neighbourhoods that are barren have a greater incidence of violence
  71. Trees and landscaping help to reduce the level of fear
  72. Trees mark the season as winter is no leaves season
  73. Trees also increase the value of a property
  74. Some traditional festivals are connected with the trees plantation like Nawroz
  75. Mental health and Ecotherapy, the trees provide calmness
Earliest evidence of the boomerang in Australia | National Museum of  Australia
The earliest evidence of Boomerang in Australia

Trees’ graveyard in Indonesia

These are the tree graves of Indonesia where dead babies are ‘buried’ inside the trunks of living plants so they can be ‘absorbed’ by nature.
The ritual takes place in the regency of Tana Toraja, a remote part of the mountainous region of South Sulawesi.

Trees goodness are more than 75

I have a deep connection with the trees and other flora and have been exploring and writing about the flora – The Flags of Paradise. I call the trees as the flags of paradise. I have compiled a very impressive article about the 75 goodness of trees, we know so far but now everyday, new things are coming into my notice and I add accordingly.