An Exploration Walk is an Ecotherapy

Desert, Biodiversity, and Camel

I love camels as well as the desert and its biodiversity. Contrary to the common perception, deserts are very rich and beautiful lands. I hereby share some snapshots of the beautiful flora and fauna of the Arabian desert in Al Ain, Abudhabi, UAE. I shot these pictures during my desert exploration walk. This walk really healed me from the inside. It refreshed my memories and focused my thoughts.

Very friendly desert lizard, resembling the reddish-gold sand of the ecosystem

Unique grass turned into a desert bush

I’m very much impressed by the resilient power of this desert grass. Also known as Sedge grass with the scientific name Cyprus conglomeratus and Thenda in Arabic. Sedges were once used to make sails, ropes, baskets, and mats, and also as fuel.

They withstand desert storms. Their roots are enveloped by very specialized fibrous cushions to preserve water in the roots.

To know in detail, please click the link and read about different plants and animals in the desert. I’m sure you will love the pictures and will refresh your memories. With each snap, there is a short caption, which will be very useful in understanding desert life.

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