Pistachia khunjuk, wild pistachio of greater Zhob, northeast Balochistan

Pistacia khinjuk. Family: Anacardiaceae. A small tree. Wild pistachio. Found on mountain slopes. Common in Zhob. Pashto name: Shinay شنے in Pashtu. The tree is locally called Wanna and a subtype is called Ozgai.

A tree of Pistachia khunjuk in Kila Saifulah Zhob
Leaf of Pistachia khunjuk
Fruit of Pistachia khunjuk , locally known as Shney in Pashtu.


A traditional cuisine prepared from the fruit of Pistachia khunjuk is called Poossa. It is made by crushing the fruits/shney and extracting oil. The seed is so finely crushed that a paste of oil and fruit is produced. It is a highly valuable traditional food.


Under the community efforts with the name of ASHAR, we are struggling to enrich our homeland with the native flora again. Ashar is a historical and traditional way of Pashtuns’ community of joined effort to fulfill a common task. We are using that code of Pashtunwali to make our homeland rich again with flora, fauna, and microbiome.

We need help, please technically support us by providing techniques to grow our native flora, not only the trees but bushes, shrubs and grasses etc. We want to have a technical team in each commune to establish nurseries of native flora and then to plant in different parts of the region with the community ASHAR.

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