Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar is cleaning the desert in the United Arab Emirates

Desert cleaning is a camel saving

Desert cleaning activity

Usually once a week (in good weather), I go to the desert, spend some hours (desert ecotherapy), collect some plastic rubbish, and through in the nearby waste bins. I collect them in plastic bags and share the photographs on my social media to give 2 lessons;

  1. Do not trash in the desert, except in the waste bin
  2. Collect some waste back from the desert whenever you visit the desert. Plastic Pollution is a Killer for Camels in the Desert

Plastic is a camel killer

I love nature at large, especially love the desert ecosystem and the camels. I can’t see the plastic kills the incredible camels and other types of biodiversity. You can see the beautiful flora diversity of the desert in Alain, UAE in the tweet link. Please follow me on Twitter. 


The plastic waste makes its way to the camel’s gut and kills the poor animal. I have found many carcasses/structures, with plenty of plastic in their gut. Camel died of Pica, eating all types of rubbishy

The plastic problem is a very serious issue

This is a very serious camel welfare issue. How we can help in such circumstances? The vets should thoroughly analyze the case, not put camels on antibiotics and painkillers but should know the reason for sickness. Progressive emaciation and on-and-off eating are very clear signs of gut blockage or hardware problems. To save the life of the camels, flora, and other creatures, I do desert cleaning activities 2 or 3 times a month. Here is the link to my youtube video of cleaning dessert from the bottles. https://youtu.be/CrJLWsbUDUc

Also, we as kind human beings should take care of the desert’s health by not throwing plastic and other waste. When you go on a desert trip, please at least bring the waste you produced over there. It will be very appreciative if you collect some extra waste and put it in the nearby waste bin.

The Photostory of a Years Old Camel Who Died of Eating Rubish in the Desert

The collection of plastic waste from the beautiful desert

As discussed before, plastic trashing is one of the most important environmental issues, especially in deserts (as the desert is my main interest). It is a killer practice for the very precious flora and fauna of the desert. I appeal to you all to please not trash plastic in the desert and whenever you visit the desert, collect some additional plastic waste and dump it into the waste bin.

Here are some images of my desert-cleaning activity



2 thoughts on “Desert cleaning is a camel saving”

  1. Mauritania banned the use of plastic bags; around 2009, as both cattle and camels were dying as a result of eating them. I remember one owner whose white 600kg camel had eaten one that had blown past him and not knowing what it was ate it. My friend saw him do so but could not get to him on time. Shop owners are now using paper bags. As mentioned before, some owners of goats feed them pulped cardboard but not owners of camels.

    1. Plastic is real killer for all types of life. The poor camels are very prone to the threat of the plastics. Some people even put their extra food in plastic bags and through in the waste bins or directly in the desert. The animals eat the plastic with the food. It is very dangerous. Here in UAE, the municilities have taken serious steps to minimize the use of the plastic on one hand and to not litter the desert on the other hand. Thansk for your feedback.
      Best regards

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