Calitrops providing shelter and commune to other plants and animals

A pleasant outdoor visit -Desert, camel, flora, and the ecosystem

The Desert is not a problem but a precious ecosystem

The Desert is one of the most important attractions in my life. Walking on sand gives a heavenly feeling. Today, I visited the desert, walked on the sand, and ate pomegranates while sitting on the sand dune.

I filmed a short video of the camels walking inside the farm.

Treasure of images from the desert

I shot images of different flora and landscapes. I hereby share beautiful images to educate you about the desert, the creatures, landscape, and ecosystem of the desert along with some entertainment.

The camels roam and walk, enjoying the desert journey. The camels are healed with the desert walk. Based on my own experience the walking camels seldom get sick.

The beauty of the desert landscape and ecosystem. The dunes are the artwork of the wind.

The flora of the desert, Alain Abudhabi UAE

The detritivores depend upon the dead plants and animals, transforming them into molecules for soil fertility. You can see the wood of Milkweeds (Calitropis) is occupied by termites.

It is a hard job eating pomegranates on the top of the sand dune

Way forward

Many people have misunderstood the desert, they usually use the word ‘desert control’. Desert is not a pest or a disease. The Desert is a precious ecosystem. Desert is as important as other ecosystems like forests, meadows, grasslands, savannas, and riverine ecosystems. We just need to revitalize the desert back to a normal and healthy state of the situation. The Desert is a rich land with unique flora and fauna.

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