A Pakistani groom gifted donkey foal as a marriage gift to his bride. Laila and Azlan Shah with the gifted donkey foal

Donkey foal presented to the bride by Pakistani groom

Heartiest congratulations, much love, and tons of respect for Azlan Shah who gifted a donkey foal to his bride Laila (beautiful story of a newly married Pakistani couple). Please congratulate the lucky couple from the core of the heart. In countries like Pakistan, people usually use Gaddha (donkey) as an abusive word.

We really need the people like Azlan Shah with such respect for the unique creature Donkey and the courage to go against the negative attitude against the donkey. https://www.bbc.com/urdu/articles/c97qn871zjyo

I love donkeys very much

The donkey is such an innocent and polite creature, humble and a very close companion of the human being. Donkey is not just working animal but are very useful in other chores as well. As a recent trend, the donkey is being used as a security guard for farms and animal sheds, especially in Africa. No pest can enter the farm when there is a donkey security guard. You might have seen the donkey waving a hyena or other pet in its teeth and jerking its head. NEW OR OLD ROLE – THE DONKEY IS A FARM GUARDIAN IN AFRICA

Also, the donkey is now being used for human wellness and treatment. The donkey foals are brought to the hospital and spent some time with the patient in the ward. The donkey has an amazing connection with the human being. They also want and need human company. I did 2 things to show my love and connection with the donkey, i.e.

  1. Introducing world donkey day (8 May)
  2. Introducing a new name for donkey in my native language Pashtu (from Khar to Kargar, which means helping/working creature).

Here are the links to world donkey day.

4 thoughts on “Donkey foal presented to the bride by Pakistani groom”

  1. Dr Razik Kakar post made my day because it is so interesting and moving. He wrote about a young, newly wed couple in Pakistan who on their wedding day adopted a donkey foal with such a love and affection that this heart – rending picture made us all want to wish them a long and happy life. They are good people!
    Special thanks to Dr Raziq Kakar for writing about them, and for changing the image of a donkey from negative into positive and attractive. His love of nature is well known as he cleans a part of a desert where he lives, and his his writing about the camels and donkeys is beautiful. Thank you!

    Joanna .

    1. Thanks Joanna for your appreciation and support which I enjoyed always. You are such a wise and snesitive soul regarding the connections with the nature. We really need more and more souls like you which can guarentte survival on the earth. The nature is speedily being eroded and we are loosing a huge diversity on very daily basis. The nature deserve our love and respect all the time. The poor donkey is badly neglected, abused and mistreated very commonly, therefore I introduced world donkey day to highlight the importance of this unique creature. We as a humanbeing, must play our role as a wise voice not as a master.
      Best regards and a lot of thanks once again.

  2. Thank you, Dr Raziq for your wonderful reply, greatly appreciated! You are absolutely right that the time to save our planet is of the essence, as we only have one.


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