A full of milk udder of the Raidi breed of camel

Pilgrims gave a new shape to Raidi camel breed

A very interesting story of a camel breed in Balochistan

Here, I’m going to share a very touchy story about the Raidi breed.

According to an elder Raidi pastoralist “when the Muslim pilgrims of the sub-continent had been traveling with their camels’ caravan to Makka, that time the Raidi pastoralists were the main providers of energetic fresh camel to the Hajis (pilgrims). In the meanwhile, they had been adopting their sick, weak, and injured camels to take rest and get well. After returning from Hajj, the pilgrims were used to handing over their camel back to pastoralists and had to take their own camels. In this way, they said that the Raidi camel has the genetic characteristics of all the camel breeds of the sub-continent because of the breeding with the bulls of the sub-continental camels”.

If you wanna read more about the Raidi camel breed and Brela breeds, go to the link below.

Our generosity shaped a special camel breed

That is why we have a very unique, high-yielding, strong, and resilient breed of camel in Balochistan. Because our ancestors devoted their camels to the pilgrims.

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