Kharani camel breed

Threatening camel population in Pakistan
Pakistan is the cradle of animal genetic resources, camel is one of the most special. Pakistan is home to more than 20 breeds of camel, living in different types of habitats and ecosystems. Camel provides food and livelihood to millions of people and lives in harsh and hostile regions of the country. Camel is facing many problems and threats, all are man-made.

Illegal camel export is one of the major threats to the camel population in Pakistan. Thousands of camel export to Iran and Gulf countries illegally and very inhumane. There is a severe shortage of meat in the country but this precious and healthy source of meat is going without any hurdle and difficulty. Though there is a ban on the live export or meat of animals it is continued under the eyes of the administration. The situation is eyes opening. The precious camel genetic resources of the Chaghai-Kharan region are already under threat and the camel population has been sharply declined to 50%. There is the utmost need for time to strengthen the camel keepers of the region with some inputs like (feed and vet cover) and advocacy for their products.

Kharan Camel Habitat is under Threat

The camel in the region known as Kharani breeds The world’s leading milch camel~The Kharani is one of the leading breeds with tremendous milk yield for a longer duration at the global level. Unluckily this unique breed is under severe threat and the number of camels is sharply decreasing as said before. The only hope can be the support as mentioned in the above paragraph and to rehabilitate the region with the highly valuable local plant ‘Thagaz’, a type of Halloxylon. The botanical name is Haloxylon persicum. AN ETHNOBOTANICAL STUDY OF CHAGAI DISTRICT, PAKISTAN

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