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The beautiful, polite and multipurpose animal, the donkey. I always speak for the donkeys, either there is cruelty issues in my own country Pakistan or mass shooting in Australia. I have introduced world donkey day.

The History & Story of World Donkey Day (8 May)

Today is world donkey day, congratulation to you all. Let us spread awareness about this kind and soulful animal. It needs a sympathetic response from its human masters. The donkey is still a very useful and sustainable animal everywhere. In the future, the donkey will play again a very crucial role.


(See page on Facebook, where the history and suggestions for this day are given) Worldwide (except for the US), 1 May is International Workers’ Day – to remind humanity of the value of those among us who work hard and get paid little.  A separate day seems to be necessary to remind humanity of the …

8 MAY – WORLD DONKEY DAY (Peta Jones) Read More »

Donkey plays an important role in rural economy

Another World Donkey Day 8th May~ Who will listen and Who Should Listen?

The unique Biological Machine for Work (BMW), highly adapted, the specialized creature is still hiding from the policy makers and highly neglected at all levels. This unique creature is still playing the same role since ages Reminding the Role of Poor Creature~The Donkey The donkey is not only a working equid but equally play a pivotal …

Another World Donkey Day 8th May~ Who will listen and Who Should Listen? Read More »

Poor donkey is thrown in a abandoned well just for fun

8th May, Reminding the Role of Poor Creature, The Donkey

To raise awareness regarding this poor but neglected animal, World Donkey Day was founded and launched by the author (proposed by Peta Jones, a South African Scientist). 8th May was selected as world donkey day (as it is a laboring animal). Many friends and groups joined this struggle and many people have now realized the importance of this unique creature.

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