Donkey is one of the most important working animals in farming as well as some urban regions of Asia and Africa. Now the donkey is facing some challenges, which are making the saddest part of donkey history.

Dear Australia, Please don’t Kill-Donkey is an Asset

Where the donkeys graze, the soil has improved, plants have returned, and wildfire intensity and frequency have decreased. A major study documented that wild donkeys dig wells, which provide water to many wild animals such as marsupials, birds, and predators, and create nurseries for plants.⁠


(See page on Facebook, where the history and suggestions for this day are given) Worldwide (except for the US), 1 May is International Workers’ Day – to remind humanity of the value of those among us who work hard and get paid little.  A separate day seems to be necessary to remind humanity of the …

8 MAY – WORLD DONKEY DAY (Peta Jones) Read More »

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