The History & Story of World Donkey Day (8 May)

Dr. Raziq initiated WDD in 2010 in Quetta Pakistan. Peta Jones from South Africa supported the idea. We had been organizing seminars and workshops on this special day about donkeys and many people had been participating. With the revolution in social media and the boost of my website, this day got very warm attention from all over the world. In 2018, this day reached another level. Now, this day is being celebrated in different quarters of the world each year on 8th May.

Today is world donkey day, congratulation to you all. Let us spread awareness about this kind and soulful animal. It needs a sympathetic response from its human masters. The donkey is still a very useful and sustainable animal everywhere. In the future, the donkey will play again a very crucial role.

The idea to set up a World Donkey Day emerged in 2018. World Donkey Day is the brainchild of Dr. Raziq Kakar, Ph.D. in Animal Science from Northeastern Balochistan – Pakistan. His main focus and research area is camel. Here is what Dr. Raziq wrote for Radio Bulgaria:

“While I was walking and working with the camels for my doctoral research in Northeastern Belochistan in Pakistan, I realized that the donkey is an even more important player both as a working animal and resilient to the drought and feed/water scarcity. As soon as I completed my Ph.D. task, I took my luggage and started my donkey love exploration. I wrote some general articles and found different types and communities of donkey keepers. Besides the crucial and pivotal role of a donkey, very little attention has been given to this poor creature. I communicated with many people at the global level who had an interest in donkeys. I found a kind soul “Peta Jones” from South Africa who is in real love with Donkey. I asked her to support my cause/suggestion for world donkey day. She supported me and suggested May 8 as World Donkey Day, because it is the week after World Labor Day and the donkey is the most important labor in the world, is it not?”

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