Camel milk ice cream

Icecream produced from the Bactrian camel milk in Mongolia

Camel Milk Research and Development Initiatives

Under an EU-funded camel milk project, FAO launched an initiative to diversify the Bactrian camel milk (BCaM) products in Mongolia, supporting the camel herders to earn an additional income and provide job opportunities to the youth in the far and wide regions of the Gobi desert. As a consultant for such a great and novel project, I did research on the development of BCaM and produced BCaM cheese and ice cream. The details of the BCaM cheese are already provided in an article;

Camel milk ice cream
Camel milk ice cream is made from the Bactrian camel milk in Mongolia

BCaM Icecream in Mongolia

My team produced Bactrian camel milk ice cream in Mongolia with the support of the TESO company (provided lab, staff, and other facilities). We produced ice cream without any additional sugar and oil/fats. The BCaM has more than 5 % fats (with healthy fatty acids), and doesn’t need to add any item with an oily or fatty nature for creaming. The product we made had a very good taste and texture along with the flavor and aroma.

With egg yolk base camel milk ice cream
With an egg yolk base, camel milk ice cream

We made 2 types of ice cream, 1 for diabetic people and the other for young people. The ice cream with no added sugar was made for people who are calorie sensitive and the other was sweetened with sugar for young & sporty people. I wish if get dates powder in Mongolia for the sweetening, taste, and texture of ice cream. The details about the composition of the ice cream will be provided in a details article emphasizing the BCaM cheese and ice cream. Additionally, we made ice cream for the young people who take part in sports activities, a base of egg yolk and little starch both for energy and vigor.


This great achievement was gained because of a great team of people and organizations. Without the support and conceptualization of FOA, the project leader Althanshaghai, Dayne (facilitator) of the TESO company, Ghakssan (lab head), and international friends it would never possible to make camel milk ice cream of the Bactrian camel. I really appreciate their role and support in this great achievement.

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