Global Camel Research and Development Network

Dear camel scientists and lovers,

I’m working on the development of a scientific body (Network), to work on collaborative scientific research, covering the different aspects of camel, especially its socioeconomic importance and production.

Who wants to support and want to be part of the organization?

The network name is Global Camel Research and Development Network (GCRDN). The main think tank behind this organization is Camel4life International, an advocacy group working on the different issues of camels. We already have a very strong WhatsApp network and a website. 

As a first step, we have organized an email list. The next step will be an online conference, in which the body of the organization will be announced. The will be the official website of the organization and the camel4life international advocacy group.

Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar with healthy and back trim camels in the Gobi desert Gabi desert is one of the most challenging ecosystems on the face of the earth. Only the highly adapted and resilient livestock like Bactrian camels.

We need some enthusiastic and energetic scientists to work voluntarily as the office bearer, help in maintaining an email, website, information management, and other relevant work. 

Those who are willing to join can send me an email at;

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