Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar with healthy and back trim camels in the Gobi desert

Do the camel drink brackish or saltish water?

Author with the Bactrian camels in Khanbogd soum South Gobi Mongolia
Author at  the brackish water spring (Origidekh, Khanbogd, Gobi desert Mongolia

Many times many people from different regions of the world asked me if the camel can drink the brackish water. My answer is always yes. I have seen many places the camels drink brackish water. I’m in the Gobi desert (Khanbogd soum), Mongolia which is the paradise of Bactrian camels. I reached a nomadic settlement (Origidekh) here in the Gobi desert, a natural spring with brackish water that is the only source of drinking water for livestock. Not only the camels but also other livestock is consuming the brackish water.

All type of livestock was happily and joyfully drinking the water and at the same time, some water was flowing downwards where the camels were playing in the wet soil as they were waiting for their turn. The sheep and goats have the first turn, the kids come first. The camels are looking very healthy and strong. You can see the details of the whole scene in the video link on YouTube. Gobi desert, home to highly adapted livestock species – Biodiversity matters
The camels are really the most incredible animal on the surface of the earth. The camels here in the Gobi desert are facing two challenges of the extreme climate conditions, that are the extreme temperatures in summer which reaches 50 Celsius, and drop below -40 in the winter.

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