We celebrate world donkey day each year on 8 May.,improve%20their%20quality%20of%20life.

This year for the first time, we arranged a space on Twitter to talk and share the facts and information about the donkey. The main interest was shown by the African farmers. A friend from Namibia told us about the new task of the donkey as a farm guardian. He claimed that even the Cheetah can’t harm the livestock protected by the donkeys.

My ecology friend Sam has shared the link about the donkey encountering the wild predators and bravely counteracting them.

Donkey killing hyena and coyote 

Here is the link to read about the history of the world donkey day. Donkey is multipurpose livestock, been used for ages for work, food, recreation, hobby, sports, and other purposes but is still, a very important role of this unique creature is hiding from the eyes of the majority of the people, that is its’ ecological role. To highlight the importance of donkeys, we introduced and launched the world donkey day.

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